Ooh My Gas @ Pavilion.

9:15:00 PM

It's like every time after attending an event, Jessica, Joanne and me will surely go for another round of meal or chill out after eating at the event lol. So, it was that time after attending an event at Times Square, 3 of us went to Pavilion for some window shopping and Jessica wanted to try the O.M.G Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.

I heard of this ice-cream quite some time ago but I never pay a visit because I know there will always be a long queue! So during that particular day, I assume that we do not need to queue since that day was on weekdays but I was wrong! :(

Similar to my blog url huh? :p

 Girls' fav color - PINK!

 The poser lolololll.

Which flavour should we choose? Hmm? HAHAHA

Custom freeze your flavours in 1 minute!

 The machines that is used to frost the ice cream.

Candid? HAHAHA. Spot the queue behind us? It wasn't really a long queue infront of us that day, but we also need to wait for like 20 minutes hmmm.

Ice cream in progress!  Freezeeee~

I wanna take pic with the Nitrogen Gas to make it like I'm an angel. In Chinese we called it as 仙女下凡 HAHAHAHAHA. But everytime Jessica wanted to help me to snap a photo, the gas will either vanish or the gas effect is not strong enough, so I'm quite sad :p

But at last, we made it! HAHAHAHA. Jessica was like "Faster Faster! The gas come already!"  Everyone was looking at us and I'm too excited so I just laugh like shit and can't pose like an angel HAHAHA. And Jessica had warn me that I must upload this photo as she put so much effort into snapping this! HAHA. =))

There are 2 size of cup to choose from which is Cutie Cup and Sexy Cup. We choose the Sexy Cup and shared the ice-cream together :)

 And flavour, we go for Green Tea one!

Tadaa! Green Tea flavour and Chocolate Wafer Roll as the topping! I think overall the ice cream is just 'ok' for me, nothing special. Maybe its because Green Tea always have the same taste! HAHAHA. But the texture of the ice cream is quite smooth! Might bring bf to try on the other flavours next time but if there's a queue..hmm...

 Gosh! I really look freaking old beside them! :(

Ahh The ice cream drop on my hand HAHAHA

My 2 Babes!! ❤

Oh ya! We had our very first video together!

So shy! Run~~~ Bye! :p

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