Dessert Again.

1:40:00 AM

Gonna blog about dessert again haha. I'm really a big fans of desserts :p But it's another old-time-story again lol.

Went to try the ZenQ dessert long long time ago lol.

Something similar to Snowflake but cheaper price with a bigger size. Taste not bad but I like snowflake more :)

Also tried their new dessert that time. It's new for that time but now? not anymore :p

It looks so cute!

Honey Toast.

Strawberry Lover. 

It looks nice but it doesn't taste good wtf. And it also take a long time to prepare!

See the "After"!

Looks bad too! You can't eat it nicely because the size is quite big and the toast is super hard. :|

Okay, Next destination!

Delicious. Another long time ago lol

Strawberry Cheese Cake.

3D Stitch iPhone casing was the trend that time lol. I used it for one day only, it's too big!

Macadamia Cheesecake. 

Hmm... I don't really like these 2 cakes. The strawberry sauce taste like medicine and the cake is the hard type one. I prefer firm/soft cake. :) But I tried their little tarts or pie on an event before, it's damn nice!!!! I forgot to snap picture because i'm too busy eating and shopping during the event, bcoz it was a TOPSHOP in-house sales event that time :p   I think that one is something for tea-time set one! Gonna go try it one day!! :D

Good Night :)

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