Snow White and the Huntsman.

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Finally off day already! Damn! It's only the first week but I feel like it's like one century already. Everyday tired shit, busy shit. Can't the time pass faster?

Yesterday me and Bf watched "Snow White and the Huntsman" after work. It was like our first date after so so long! Although we work together everyday, breakfast lunch dinner everyday and we even stay together everyday, but it is like we din go for a proper date or sweet date for a long time already. Everyday after work, we went home and I sleep after bath. No time for us to dating! So finally yesterday we get to watch movie together! After work, we change cloth and run to cinema. It is like a long time I din see Bf wear that casual already, myself too actually. HAHAHA.

This movie is quite nice actually but I din get to enjoy because there's a bitch sitting next to me! Before the movie started, me and bf talked for awhile and she said : "Why they keep talking?" to his husband. I'm fucking angry but I don't want to argue so I just keep quiet. After that there's a baby girl sitting beside my bf, she talked and ask her mami something, the bitch can't chill, she just "Shhh!" the baby girl! Come on! She also talk with her husband! The baby girl even sing along with the song in the movie and the bitch keep stared at her and sigh. I feel like wanna slap her! Baby is like that one la, somemore the baby is just beside bf, is nearer to us, we also din complain! I saw her is like pregnant now. I wonder is she going to ask her baby STFU in future if she talk? Damn her! And she keep burping beside me!!!! I almost wanna vomit already!

Enough talking about the bitch. Back to the movie! :p

Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna.

 The queen is so scary in this movie! The moment when she turn old is so real but too bad, I can't find relevant pic! :( I wanna try this kind of make up next time lol!

Her boobs look super big with this dress. When she is breathing, it looks like it is going explode already ahhahaha

This scene remind me of Statue of Liberty. HAHA!  But I don't know why she wanted get in to the white paint/milk lol

Kristen Stewart as Snow White. She doesn't look super pretty but she is very attractive. She looks pure hearted! The forest in this movie is so cute and awesome!

 She make me feel like wanna dye my hair back to black...

I love her lips!

After she ate the apple.........

Sam Claflin as William. This is Snow White's childhood best friend. He looks handsome but I don't want Snow White to be with him :p

 Chris Hemsworth as Eric, the Huntsman. Love him!

 The Dwarves. Total, there are 8 of them.  I thought Dwarves in Snow White is only 7 of them? But there's one dwarves who died in this movie.

I don't know this is fairy or what but I just know that they look disgusting. :|

I don't want to be a spoiler telling you guys the storyline of this movie but this movie is worth watching. Go and watch it if you haven't do so but make sure there's no any bitch sitting beside you :p

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