The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Finally, the movie that all have been waiting for! Watched 'The Amazing Spider-Man' on 2nd July, Monday night! It's a special screening and the actual release date is 5 July! Jealous huh? :p Our movie release earlier than United States, so that day, there were alot of security standing by to stop people from using handphone. They even give some briefing before the shows start.

The movie was damn awesome! The effect is so nice and the storyline is so excited, funny and touching! My tears drop for a few times lol. But it's quite similar with the original comic series.

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, The Spider-Man. I have no idea why sometimes he looks handsome, sometime not haha. The suit is  real and awesome and it looks super detailed.

He is super agile. I never know that spider can be that agile lol. This part was quite funny when he learn about his new spidey power.

 Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man's gf.

She is damn pretty! Her eyes is so lovely!        

 Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors. He is a scientist and also the monster of the movie, The Lizard. He is actually a good but handicap scientist as he tried to save the people around the world by using animal's genetic. He then become bad after turning into The Lizard. Along his experiment, there is a few amazing scenes and it is quite horrifying.

This is how he looks like after he transformed to a lizard! Super ugly! 

 This stupid scene freak me out! Damn! :-s

His stupid tail make me feel so unpeaceful. It's too disgusting! Coldl-blooded animal is super disgusting! 

So basically the story is about how Peter Parker become Spider-Man and the Dr. Curt Connors is doing a experiment ,he did the human trial on himself and that's why he turn into the huge ugly lizard. Spider-Man will  use his power and strength to stop him from hurting humans! But inside the movie, there is some epic scene and things that tells how they have these super power and I'm sure you won't get bored if you watch it twice.

The movie is quite long. It's about 2 hours 16 minutes! It's super worth to watch it! You can get the feeling of funny, excited and touching in the same movie, how worth? hahaha.

Lastly, The Amazing Spider-Girl  hahhahaha. 

Do not straight away run out from the cinema after the movie,
There's still a short story, just like The Avengers Don't miss it!

The Amazing Spiderman 2 awaits you!!!!! LOL 

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