❤KL f0r C.O.N.V.O.。

8:03:00 PM

hmm,it happened last m0nth too. **muahaha**
sem break n0w and ii wanna bl0g it all here.
FYI, im g0ing bl0g ab0ut the first day in KL only in this post.
because there's quite al0t activities that day. LOL

last m0nth my baby's br0 graduate.
i attended his c0nv0 with his family.
gan che0ng l0r this time.
i went his house b4 we went KL.
first time i went his h0use and 0ver night there!!
btw,his family treat me s0 nice **thanks!xoxo**

the day we went t0 KL.
we started our j0urney at 1 something.
get in t0 car, i sleep like a pig ><
because i scare i will v0mit.haha


after 1 h0ur plus, i w0keup already.
and we start take pics in the car.h0h0

#2 me and baby

#3 kelvin-my baby's lil bro,baby and me

#4 crazy LOL

#5 middle tu MR banyak pattern ><


#7 i want take pic! i want take pic! haha


#9 0mg.is s0 chubby!!! ><

we reached KL at 3pm+
we wait f0r baby's c0usin t0 bring us g0 baby's br0 h0stel.

#10 while waiting **i kn0w im fat ><**

meet baby's br0 after that.
the sec0nd time i meet him.LOL
i remember first time we meet at midvalley.
he bring us visit the place that he w0rk n0w.

#11 s0 nice l0 there! and l0ok s0 pro man!

and then they wana take a family photo at studio.
bef0re that we went f0r lunch.
n0t lunch t0o la.high tea i think.haha

#12 i d0nt kn0w where's the place ><

#13  the f0od is giant size!

#14 i cant finished la ><

#15 this is super giant! but 0verall, the food taste good too.

settle all the giant f0ods, we went t0 the studio

#16 he try the tie is super funny! FUNKY lol.

0k,after cheez chia the famiy ph0t0
we went t0 a c0nd0minium t0 take a l0ok
his cousin wanna buy a c0ndo. =)

**fast f0rward ing**
we went 1U after that.
we run int0 NIKE.
but there is nothing new ><
and then we have no more m0od t0 sh0p **cry**

we went yum cha


#18 the menu lo0k cute.design like a exercise b0ok lol

i ordered a t0ast with butter and sugar.
is just s0 nice!!!!
i miss it al0t **tear**

all of us is super tired after that
we went t0 the h0tel that we already b0ok.

#19 TUNE HOTEL. 0ne of the asignment title.haha

#20 the people wh0 take pic never tell me that already 0k.i keep this pose f0r a long time
alot of people kept looking me >< isshh

#21 im running and jumping! **excited** haha

inside the h0tel is quite "BIG" **laugh**

FYI,u can stay TUNE HOTEL fr0m only rm18 start  per night
but u have t0 book it before 6 months ><
besides that, the price can als0 be adjust due t0 ur demand.
like airc0n, refri,TV and bla bla bla.
click HERE f0r m0re inf0 =)


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