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well i kn0w i already din update for already 1m0nth.
c0z im freaking BUSY.
if i can hav 48 h0urs per day and 0nly 2 subject in 1sem.
then i can update at least twice per week!! hahahha

hmm,this p0st is ab0ut last MONTH d.lol
guess what?
i act as a BRIDE last m0nth.**screaming arrhhhh!!**
excited lo
but i didnt marry la.h0h0

is my dear nicole exam. a makeup exam.
she is my primary,secondary schoolmate,my senior actualy.
we never contacted each other
and she just add me few month ago.
i still remember that day she find me in fb.
ask me t0 be her model.
but the day she exam was thursday. i got class that day!!! i reject her with heart broke.
i wish t0 g0 **cry**
she was sad and say that d0nt know find who to be her model already.
she ask me consider again. and say that many people want to be bridal model.
aiy0.she make me change my decision.
i decide t0 skip and  help her.lol.
a nice friend right? **evil laugh**

c0z i got class from monday t0 thursday,
and t0 help her,i back 0n wednesday.
s0 i din g0 try the dress.
 my dear nicole have t0 decide it
and she already many year din see me.
she dont know my size.lol

wednesday night she came to do a rehersal.
and she took a me a super big size dress.
c0z she think that if bigger can adjust
but smaller then we cant d0 anything.
she's s0 smart right?teehee..
the back side of  the dress is like XXXXXX. i d0nt know h0w t0 explain lol.

we just simply try the makeup.
is really veri simply.s0 fast settle the makeup.
not fast too actualy,we keep chat.
and is over time.haha
but we used more time on the hair style
because my hair is so short and not much.**swt**
my dress full of rose,and dear think to use rose in setting hairstyle too



#3 my face s0 round.haha


#5 im doing assignment ><


#7 i look like din wear any cl0th ><

we g0t try t0 put down the fringe t0o.
i like it =)
but nicole said i look like under 18.
doesnt look like a bride.
i agree t0o ><
but actualy the night we din decide use which style.
and nicole dear wana go futsal with her bf.
s0 we decide we deicide it the next day

the next day mean my dear nicole big day!
my baby fetch me g0.
i g0 without makeup.
im like FML!!!
is like a girl g0 out without wearing a bra!
that day still got another 3 pretty girl as model too.
and my face got alot pimples that time.
make me s0 gen cheong la

my nicole is super nervous and hand shaking that day.haha
make me m0re and m0re nervous.
after change the dress,test started.
we super worry that we will over time.
c0z we just hav 45 minutes.
but fast wo my dear that day.

and then turn to set the hair.
this more OMG.
because we havent decide which hairstyle should use.LOL
dear decide tie the french style i think.
but dont know want to put the rose or not.
because they said i look like guan yin ma ><
and at last we din use the flower.

her sir came in to give marks.
one of them keep shaking his head when see me.
OMG! any problem?
we just like cant breath that time.
after take pictures, we went to take the result
the sir ask: y u look so scare? u get the highest mark!
we want t0 shout! haha but cant la.
and sir said if put down the fringe and put the rose.
it will be more nice!
aiy0oooo..we regret!!
but never mind la. we get 90 marks already .YUHOO!!
dear suprise and cry.haha.


#2 with all model and makeup artist =)

#3  with my dear nicole *good job! well done! feel proud of u!*

#4 with my sweet baby *IMY,ILY*

and i realize that we din take pictures with andy lol
andy is my dear boyfriend,a nice guy =)

i remember that day after the exam,
we went lunch and movie together
AIRBENDER 3D i think.
a nice day with u guys.

thanks my dear give me a good experince , a new try , a nice memory.hehe
the first time i wear the bride dress althought i din marry.haha
the first time i use fake eyelashes.hahaha. i told nicole and she cant believe it!
the first time i act as a makeup model.lol

my dear nicole.alot my first time i already gave u!
appreciate ha.=P
and i miss u!!
sorry f0r this coming saturday i cant attend the big party!
we meet next time and tell me the sad st0ry okay? ^^

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