❤UTAR CONVO 2010.。

9:35:00 PM

After being a lazy worm for about 1 week,
its time to get back to serious stuff,
and yea, day 2 of the convo.

we wakeup early in the m0rning.
i think that day i w0keup at 6.45am?
alth0ugh i wokeup early,but IDK why they can d0ne their stuff faster than me?
maybe i used a l0ng time t0 choose my 0utfit that day.LOL
i plan t0 wear my new NIKE. but is too sporty ><
s0 i ch0ose a dress.

ar0und 9am i think, we went breakfirst with my baby's br0's gf and her family.
im d0nt remember what we ate that day ><
but is quite nice i remember *laugh*

after that we went t0 MCA hall.
guess what?
we went there early ad,but there is al0t people earlier than us.
its full.crazy!!

while waiting
#1 macam marry.busy.LOL

#2 tw0 budak XD
my baby's lil br0.13 years 0ld n0w. i wearing high heel.but we still same height.*cry*

#3 ticket  LoL

0k.and then 0ur turn t0 g0 in.

#4 stage

#5 FYI, only two ppl get FIRST CLASS HONOUR and he is one of them
.CGPA 3.6++
s0 he n0 need return back ptptn rm48k! brav0!
and in this magazine there is al0t his name.g0sh.*thumb up*
i wish i can macam tu too ><



as u all kn0w,al0t people will give speech during c0nv0
s0..just sit there and wait them finish
president said that he will impr0ve all the thing in utar, especially PARKING! lol

#8 im s0 concentrate de lol

#9 i like this!

#10 im f0cusing on playing game t0o.LOL
i look enj0y but actually n0! c0z my relative came visited me that time!
and i f0rget t0 bring what she need! really FML!!!

after a super l0ng speech, finally AWARD PRESENTATION start.

#11 my baby's br0. IDK why his hair super l0ng in this pic. LOL

after that my baby's bro went for an interview with the reporters.
as i rmb one of them was Sin Chew Daily. c0ol right?

0k.settle everything. is time f0r ci ciak!
my baby's mami asked me take pics t0gether.
0mg.family pics!
im s0 pai seh that time ><

#12 FAMILY PIC!! with <3. baby's family and his br0'gf =)

we d0 take pics with his br0 gf's family.but the pics n0t with me.
thats really a family pics.but my family n0t there ><
after that we went eat, and buy what my relative want!
all people kn0w my relative came visited me. 
arrhh.FML.s0 shy!!! T^T

i still remember the t0ufu that we 0rder stinks.
but they almost finished it all.
c0z the name 0f the toufu is sumthg like special toufu.
s0 they think,the taste 0f the toufu is special t0o.LOL

and we went back baby's h0met0wn that night.
super tired that day but super enj0y =)
enj0y every family day,every m0ment with my baby <3
LOVE is in the air. teehee =D

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