❤Blackberry Curve 8520.。

11:57:00 PM

s0rry f0r i make my bl0g a dead bl0g again LOL.
im super buzy and having al0t of activities recently! ><
my bl0g was calling for me everyday, s0 i c0me here to comfort her.
give her a sh0rt update. haha

s0 this post is all about my NEW TOY.
which is da' ❤Blackberry Curve 8250.

i already used it f0r more than 2m0nth. teehee..
i never think that i will get my hand on blackberry..
this TOY i g0t is totally FREE! c0ol right?
a big thanks t0 my aunt.❤

overall this phn is like a win win situation
furthermore i seldom play with it.
any one can tel me what special function does she have??haha
and 0so BBM. i never try it bef0re!!
bc0z there is n0 one using blackberry around me ><
anyone wana teach me and BBM with me? =P

but i d0 try the camera

not bad ler. without edit.
can u see the first pic,my lips was so dry! grrhh..

and then my dear als0 buy her 2 new cl0thes. ❤
1 devil and 1 angel. is s0 CUTE!
the angel one i havent use it =)
cute right?
my br0 name it 'PINK GHOST FONE'.haha
he always ask me where is the pink ghost fone
but he does n0t dare t0 t0uch her. he is scared. XD
i g0nna buy al0t of these clothes for all my f0ne, s0 he wont dare to touch them and wont throw them!

hmm..i'm thinking whether to bring her t0 'plastic sugery' 0r n0t??
any suggesti0n???

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