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It's been ... *counting* 3 weeks since my last update. This time it's not that I'm being lazy or what but my full time job actually occupied most of my time 😅. I am now sitting in my office typing this cuz I know I wouldn't want to face my laptop again after work. 

Bf got the Nintendo Switch when it was launch last month and I get to play on it so I decided to give an unprofessional hands on review HAHA😂

The Switch comes in two different colours which is the Grey Version and the Neon Version. Well, he obviously got the Neon version which I think is nicer as well. The one that he bought comes in a bundle, 2 games and 4 free amiibos. The 2 games are Zelda Breath of The Wild and 1-2 Switch.

FYI, Bf got it at RM2399, a bundle promo with the games and figures mentioned above. He also got a RM100 vouchers. So I would say it's was a good deal. For those who don't know what Nintendo Switch is about, it's actually a hybrid console. It can be played in 3 different ways which are, Handheld Mode, TV Mode and TableTop Mode.

The blue and red that you can see from the picture actually the controller called Joy Con. It can be detached and held on your hand. The middle part with the screen is actually the console itself. Let me tell you, it's freaking slim.

The 1-2 Switch game is really fun to play with your friends or family, and of course I won most of them HAHAHA. I'm a gamer too you know lollll. 1-2 Switch is a multiplayer games that contains 28 mini games to play with. For me I think Sword Fight is the best but also very tiring HAHA!


The best part about Nintendo Switch is obviously Zelda Breath of the Wild. I played with it almost every night when I'm back from work. I prefer handheld mode for sure, because I can lay down on the bed and play with it. From what you guys can see below, it's actually the Amiibo that my bf bought. It's to spawn Wolf Link in the BOTW (Breath of The Wild) game. Zelda is an open world game and you can do basically anything. You can cook, hunt for food, get your own house, ride horses, bears, deers and others. So much fun right? But the main mission is of course to save Princess Zelda.

There you go guys, I wouldn't want to spoil the game so much on the info, but it's been one of the best game I've played so far. You guys can watch the trailer below on how the games works. Trust me, it's really really fun and chill to play it.

Zelda Breath of The Wild Trailer

It's quite a short review I would say but I did my best. It definitely replace my 3DS. Anyone want to buy my 3DS? HAHA!! I hope you guys enjoy reading it, and I will try to make more time posting more posts!!!! 👌


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