Story of My Bag

4:16:00 PM

"I'm a bag, a very beautiful bag. I used to be happy and cheerful until ... until I met my owner. Everything changed since the first day she bought me. She is one of the most careless and stupid girl I would say ..."

I guess this is what my bag would say if she's able to speak fml. So I bought myself a new bag on Feb this year but I got her color transfer stain when I first use it. Claps for myself!! 

I was happily bringing my new bag and putting on my new black plush skirt on that day. YEA, PLUSH SKIRT FML!! I was carefully sitting my bag on my legs (my skirt) for the whole day to avoid rubbing or touching any unwanted dirty corner but I seriously never thought that my skirt will actually be the one who 'kill' my bag.

What's even idiotic is that I only realised it after I got home from a whole day long outing!! My bag used to be Pink, Baby Pink, Gorgeous Baby Pink! But it became ugly dirty pink within one day, to be exact, within a few hours :( 

It was still okay on the front side because it was facing outside most of the time and it didn't really have much contact with my skirt.

But the back side wasn't that lucky! From pink to pinkish grey! You wouldn't know how much I feel like banging the wall when I found out about this late night! 

Even the corner of both side got stains :(

I non stop googling and hoping there will be any way to remove the stains. Yes, I found them!! I tried  to use the make up remover, lotion, essential balm, baby wipes ... anything you can find online! But nothing works on my bag fml! Wahhh, can you feel my frustration? At that moment, I almost wanted to throw my bag away and get a new one! HAHAHA! No patience at all and also damn sad la! :(

Called Bf and he was like "Chill! I will settle it for you! Or else I will get you a new one! But sure can fix one! "  

I actually didn't put any hope on it but was secretly thinking what colour I should get next if he gonna get me a new one HAHAHHA JK! 

Bf sent my bag to My Bag Spa at the Gardens Mall and let the professional do their things! So the girl actually help me to check my bag, analyse and tell me what can they do with it. 

You know what? She pointed out a stain inside my bag which I didn't even realise before this. I guess it is probably because I tried to clean them with lotion or liquid and so it leave some oil/watermark inside. Bruhhhh! I should just put her aside rather than making it worst fml. She also told me they will try to clean the stain inside but not 100% can be done. *cry

So, she told me that they can re-dye my bag into the original color and the stains should not be noticeable anymore but the whole process will take up to 2 - 3 months! But I don't see any other choices than this :(  The charges is based on the dimension of your bag and my bag is obviously kinda small. It costs me around RM350.

After 2 months, they called me and I was told that my bag was done! I was damn nervous and started to think like what if she still looks shitty HAHAHA! 


My Bag Spa didn't disappoint me! 

They save my bag!! I was told that the stitches will be Pink after re-dying them but I think it's fine! You can also top up some money to keep the stitches white which needed more procedure but I personally think it's not necessary because I really can't tell if there is changes by looking at my bag now.


The leather might be slightly stiff after re-dying but TBH, I can't feel the difference! It's still very soft to me thou lolll.

Oh the stain inside just disappeared! Like nothing on it! Magic huh! Didn't took any photo as I didn't realise it earlier so I don't have photos to compare. 

AHHH! So happy to see her again. Will really appreciate and take good care of her now HAHA!  

I would like to give you guys some true advice as an experienced one wtf HAHA.
Do not blindly follow the method that you found online to clean your bag! Especially leather bag!
It might make it even worst, just like me! :(
Just f*king hand them over to the professionals and let them do their job! 

PS:// This is not a sponsored post but I wanted share it with you guys because I experienced it before and I know that feeling!!!

Hope it helps! Cheers!



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