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I seriously love Bangkok so much that I haven't even done blogging about my previous trip and I just went there again last month! I missed BKK so much now fml!

Known as shopping heaven, Bangkok also have a lot of beautiful cafe and restaurant! Cafe hop in BKK was fun!! Among all, Chocolate Ville is one of the most popular restaurant throughout these year and basically today's post will be more like a photoblog because every corner in Chocolate Ville are worth taking photos... SO BEAUTIFUL!!  完全泰好拍! 

You should reach there around 5pm if you wanted to take some good photos before the sunset lolll. The place itself is quite big and we actually spent around 1.5 hours just by walking around and taking photos wtf

It was quite pack that day as you can see from the photos.

Wave to Gingerbread man *hello!

Aunty why you have to spoil my photo :P

This Glasshouse is my fav corner in the restaurant! So pretty!

Selfie in action HAHA!

Congratulations on your graduation! If you get what I mean :P

什么都拍的意思 HAHA

Uncle Aunty so romantic hoooo :P

There were too much people at the lighthouse so we didn't bother going up, instead we stayed on the ground and took a photo with it lolololl.

Guess who is this!

Tadaa. A giant duck HAHAHHA wtf

I guess the main purpose of everyone who went there was just to take beautiful photos. Apparently, I'm one of them :P

Pastel blue  

Too many beautiful photo that I have to make a collage lolll. There's only one restaurant in Chocolate Ville. Even though they have quite a lot of table but most of the time were fully booked! Highly recommend you guys to make a reservation before going to avoid any disappointment.  

Why so shock? Cannot kiss you is it? :P 

I did make my reservation earlier but was so sad to be informed that the table around the pond was fully booked. Wanted to sit around the pond cuz it looks more romantic! :(  

 The restaurant have nothing to do with chocolate so don't expect to see or eat any chocolate there :P 

Why can't I sit around the pond face 

Spare Ribs. Couldn't remember it was full or half rack thou haha

Your truly eating the ribs :P

It was my first time having German Ham Hock and I have to say it's so .... FAT! fml

Tom yam gong!

Don't disturb while I'm eating :P

Squid ink spaghetti with soft shell crab in black pepper sauce. It was my mistake for reading the menu wrongly. I tot it was squid ink pasta but did't know it was in black pepper sauce. MEHHH! The taste of it have nothing related with squid ink but soft shell crab was not bad.

Night view of Chocolate Ville was totally different! It looks more romantic but the bad thing is, you can hardly take any good photos compared to the evening.

Tbh, their food was just average (not too bad) and the price was reasonable I would say. But it was a good experience to dine at such a beautiful place! It was quite far from the city centre so I don't think I will be traveling all the way to Chocolate Ville again on my future visit to Bangkok. However, I'm okay to accompany and go with my friends and family if they wanted to go and would like to recommend this place for anyone who never went there before!

As I mentioned earlier, it's located quite far from city centre so basically you can't reach there by MRT or BTS. You can take a cab to Chocolate Ville or take BTS to Mo Chit Station (nearest to Chocolate Ville) then take a cab to Chocolate Ville from BTS Station. We choose the second option cuz taking cab from city centre might be costly and jam during that hour! 

Chocolate Ville
Address: Kaset-Nawamin KM11, Bangkok, Thailand 10230
Tel: +66 81 921 2016
Opening hours: Mon - Sun 4.00pm to 12am

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