New Hair & How I Style My Hair

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If you don't know, I cut my super duper long hair into medium length and I also dyed them into one of my fav hair color, Purple! 

I used to have a very long hair like this and I don't know what makes up my mind to cut them short lolll. My mum was trying to stop me cuz she prefer girls with long hair, princess that kinda feeling you know? HAHA! I do love my long hair too cuz they help me to cover up my chubby face and fat arms but I also feel bored with the same look everytime! The other reason is drying and washing my long hair is really a tiring job HAHAHA :P

I cut my hair twice in a month! Chop my long hair off into medium length and I think they were still kinda long so I went for a second hair cut. To be honest, I still think my current hair length are kinda long, might go for a shorter one soon :P

I always wanted a purple hair! I did try on dip dye before if you still remember but it's not enough! However I also think that, getting my hair purple will be too striking and will cost me a bomb with my previous long hair.  Since I got a shorter hair now, why not go for purple right? ;)

Tadaa! Purple hair in medium length! Pretty??? :D  But they don't look like this anymore....

I took this yesterday. My purple hair started to fade off and they turned into lighter colour, a lil bit red I would say. How sad! Disadvantages of fancy hair color is that they don't last long!! About 2- 3 weeks you can see that wont look the same anymore :(

Not sure if you can see my fringe's colour. The colour is totally lighter compared to the back of my hair which is still purple. You know what causes this? It's because I'm too lazy sometimes, I only wash my fringe, that's why my fringe faded that fast. Nahhh! Not only me doing this, girls should know this trick! :P  Anyway, the more you wash your hair, the faster the color will fade away! So I always try not to wash my hair too frequent but it won't have any bad smell okay lolololll. The other way to protect your hair color is to use colour-lock shampoo! *a must!

Anyway, I'm going to share with you how I style my current hair! hehe 

Inward Curls
This is how I style my hair for most of the time cuz it's so easy and fast! Curled the end of your hair inwards framing your face and this curl gives an airy/bouncy hair movement. If you have a very thin hair, inner curls actually helps to create an illusion of volumize hair! Try it! You can create inner curls with hair dryer, hair straighter or even hair curling iron. So easy!

For those who having medium length hair, you'll probably face the problem of unruly hair! Curling your hair inwards will help alot! :D

I always love curling my long hair everytime. Same goes for now with the short one. I think it gives out a feminine look of a girl. For me, curling a medium length hair is more challenging cuz they are very near to my face, neck and shoulder. You will need to be extra careful with the curling iron coz you can really feel the heat when it's near to your face or shoulder, or even when you just finish curling a part of your hair.

Ahhh, my photo didn't really show the actual waves! You might think that they look the same with the curls that I just mention on top, but actually it's not! T________T  This type of curl gives out a wavy hair look and feel! Like... ocean waves, you know what I mean? HAHA! It's kinda same with the one that you can do with the "Three Barrels Curling Iron".

Something like this but the waves are more loose and natural.

That's the 3 ways of how I usually styled my hair (most frequent one) hehe. I'm actually obsessed with beach/beachy waves hair style recently or whatever you wanna call it. However, I'm still not good in doing them :(  Have to spend more time and practice and I will share with you guys next time! Soooooo... what do you think about my new hair look/style? :P

Enjoy reading!


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