Haul from International Beauty Expo 2015!

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Hello loves! Went to International Beauty Expo (IBE) on last Sunday with bf! I got quite a lot of stuff and I wanted to share them with you guys!

We left our hair dryer at bf's hometown and I've been suffering for a week without it! You know, girls' hair is really thick and super hard to dry without hair dryer T_______T  So finally, got one at the expo! Guess what? It's only RM40 for this hair dryer. Damn cheap okay! Normally Rm40 can only buy you a very small hair dryer. And the power of this hair dryer is quite high! Super good buy!

I also got myself 2 hair curlers as my previous one was broken and I think the temperature of the curler can't really go that high compare to the one I just bought! These 2 curlers were quite cheap! I love the gold one but I haven't try out the pink one (isn't pink curler cute?) so I can't give any comment now! Will share my review with you guys next time!

There are tons of mask when it comes to beauty expo and of course, I won't missed the chance to get some facial mask for myself! I always love the 3D mask from Beautymate so I got one box (10pcs) of them and also decided to give a try on Deep-Sea Caviar Aqua Moist Translucent Mask from Love of Beauty just because the name of the mask is so cool wtf HAHA! Each box cost around RM29.90 - 39.90, I don't remember the exact price :(

I also got one Duo Radiant & Moisturizing Lotion Excellent from Beautymate which only cost me RM10! So cheap huh? And they also gave me a mini CC cream for free hehe!

Besides, I also got 2 boxes of facial mask from My Beauty Diary! They had a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion on that day! So I only pay RM59.90 for one box and the next is free. Great deal? :D

This would be the only cosmetic that I got from the beauty expo as others were quite expensive and they are new brands that I've never heard before. One of the Canmake's promotion is 'RM50 for any 3 items! Now you tell me, SO CHEAP HOW CAN YOU NOT BUY! Anyway, I got a Canmake Cream Cheek Brusher, Canmake Smooth Liquid Foundation and Canmake Mix Eyebrow! Everything is so worth until I wanna cry HAHAHA! Should buy more la!

I love every mask from this brand, Mediheal! They are from Korea! I tried them before previously and I really love it, even my bf! But the shop that I got from was selling at an expensive price so I stop using them. However, I was really happy to see these mask at the beauty expo! At first bf was trying to stop me from buying them cuz he can't really recognize the mask and he tot it was some low quality masks but after I told him it was the mask that I gave him last time, he immediately gave me an approval to get 10 pcs of them HAHAHA! We both love this mask! What I love about this mask? This mask is really thin so you can really feel that it sticks on your face even on your edge of your nose. Most importantly, you can feel your face moisturised and smooth after applying it!

Some facial mask from Botanic Farm which was recommend from my gf but I haven't try them out! They cost RM9 each if you wondering what's the price.

Introducing my all time fav comb lolll! I have a really dry and tangled hair so it will be painful sometimes when I brush my hair! But with this hair comb, NO MORE PAIN and it's so easy to brush my hair with it! My aunt who used to be a baby sitter prefer using this to comb the baby girl that she took care of. Even the girl will automatically use this comb to comb her own hair. Or else, the comb that my aunt used previously will make her cry. I don't really know where to get them because they have no brand! I once got a fake copy of this comb from a random online shop. It have the same outlook but it hurts my scalp =___________________=   I tried this comb today and Thanks god! It's  the ONE!! Ahhh! Should get a few more! Oh, and they were selling this comb at RM5! Cheap but a good one. *wink

Yea, that's what I got from the beauty expo! I did bought some nailart tools but I forgot to take pictures of them :|  I wanted to buy more facial mask at first but my bf asked me "How many faces do you have?" so I just chill myself down and try not to buy so much but while I'm typing this post, I realize I did bought a lot of facial mask thou HAHAHA! Enough for half year supply I guess? :P

Hope you enjoy reading this heh!


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