Plastic Surgery?

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Plastic Surgery is quite common nowadays. Whenever me and my gf saw some celebrities or girls suddenly turn into some pretty hot chick, we will like: "Sure PS one!" *jealousy  I don't think this only happen to us, it sure happened to you guys too! HAHAHA :p

Sometimes I really feel like going for Plastic Surgery, especially when I see those successful bloggers for example just like XiaXue and QiuQiu. I personally think that there's no right or wrong for someone to go for a plastic surgery but it can help one to gain back confidence and satisfaction!

You might think that Photoshop can help too but you can't always just stay at home, snap photo, photoshop and upload right? And it's so tiring to photoshop every picture okay? HAHAHA. What's more worst is that when you go out, no one can recognise you! *so hurt!

Besides that, photoshop also require skill or else before photoshop will be much more better, at least people won't found out your mistake and tease you like there's no tomorrow!

Just like this! :(  Btw, I'm in Photoshop level 998732134514230 now! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Besides photoshop, make up could also help us into looking much prettier or to cover our imperfect but somehow we still need to remove makeup everyday! Make up products and remover is quite costly! :( But of course make up can only help us on the face but they wont work on our body shape or boobs.

So, tell me now, except Photoshop and Make up, what could still make you look better or improve your dissatisfaction? The only way, Plastic Surgery.

I think this is really so impressive and successful! The after is so damn pretty!!!!

This is what I really want! *if you get me :p

 Alive Doll!!!!

Sometimes a lil changes could change alot!

Not only girls go for plastic surgery alright? Guys too! Not sure if you guys know it, nowadays we can also undergo plastic surgery on our ABS to make it 6 pack or 8 pack! Awesome news? HAHA

While I was researching those photo, I also found something hilarious.

This one! *laugh until stomach pain! HAHAHA =))

Nah, I didn't mean to encourage people to Plastic Surgery. I just think that people who go for plastic surgery got is not wrong. It is their own choice and if this make them feel better so what's the wrong in it?

I know people like to tease those who went for plastic surgery. It's just like before they went for plastic surgey, you called them as "ugly bitches or ugly jerk", then after those people done a plastic surgery or look better, you called them as "fake dolls!". Excuse me, so what do you want then?!!!!

Who the f*ck cares how they look like before surgery? At least now they look freaking good or hot! Yea, there's also some failed plastic surgery cases but everything got their own risk, we should just respect others decision okay? Of course people shouldn't over rely on plastic surgery or addicted on it. I think a lil changes could be alright and of course health should always come, first place.

I got no money and I can't stand the pain so I can only go for the second choice, PS, Photoshop LOL
Lastly, yesterday's OOTD photoshop photo BAHAHAHAHAHA :p

Just saying! Peace! :-*

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