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Exam is finally over but now it's even more stressful than exam. If I pass all the subject then I will be graduating and that means I need to work after this. It's the end of my uni life but it's another beginning of a new stage of my life. I'm so confused about my future right now. I don't know what I really want , what I want to do and where I should go! Every night I kept thinking thinking and thinking but still can't make any decision.

4 years time is like just so f'cking fast. I need to face the real society soon. I'm not ready yet :(  So many things I need to consider of. This few days I also got nightmare, can you imagine how stressful am I? It may sounds like a very small matter to you guys but for me, it isn't. I don't know how to express my feeling but seriously everyday I also feel like crying. #damn

Actually I got so many time to think or plan for my future. My family never force me but I kept on forcing myself. WHY!!!! I don't know why my thinking is just so negative but there are so many things waiting for me to solve them. So helpless!!!

The real OverThinker. Never stop thinking and always over thinking.

So, anyone want to intro me some job? :'(


The day before we leave Kampar, we had a farewell dinner with AV coursemates and 2 lovely lecturer. It's like my first time to gather with all of them LOL. I'm so lazy to photoshop these photos so you will see my super huge pimple in all those photos HAHAHA.

Yours truly :)

Bf so enjoy loooooo!

Wei Jie, why you act cute!!!


With our lecturers.

GroupPhoto :)

We took so so much photo that night but the photo is not with me =___________=

And here is some of the photo of our Pre-Grauduation Photoshoot :)

Bf and I :x

 Harry Potters HAHAHA

 So many people said Bf look like Gary in Running Man. Stressssss! HAHA


Formal Suit Group Photo. I thought we just need to wear half formal, so I just wore short pants but then everyone wore full formal! And my flora shorts is quite obvious HAHA

Theme Shoot- Hipster. 

It was great to meet all of you!!! Keep in touch guys!!! 

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