Fighting Fish?

12:34:00 AM

Weeee. If you added me at Facebook you will know that I had dye my hair two days ago, Yes, I dyed my hair again lol lol lol. Super brave right? And of course my hair's getting worst but I can't stand with my previous hair color.

I love my purple hair so much but it got faded and it just look so shitty! So I wanna make them alive again with new color :D I actually spent quite a long time thinking what colour to dye this time as I tried a lot of color before and BLUE is my final decision!

But then, at the process of dying my hair, I suddenly change my mind and try to do something different, the result of my hair is not only blue now. It's..... aww! so complicated, I don't know how to explain. Let the picture tell you guys :p

Are you ready? HAHA

This is just the beginning! Nice?! :)

This is it! Back view! I'm so in love with the current color! I never expect that the outcome will be more than what I want. The color is so complicated right? Blue, Mint, Blonde, Lilac, Pink and bla bla bla. I don't know what should it called. Rainbow? Peacock? But myself, I think it looks like "fighting fish" wtf haha.

My idea is to try making gradient hair colour at the inside part of my hair! Thought it will never be a success but then Big love! I even love them more than my previous color :p

My favourite left hand side! Mint and Lilac is my favourite! Right hand side is more to purple and pink :)

 Effect under the sun light :D My face look so round :( Btw, love my new lips gloss too lolll

Papa and Mama was a lil bit shock when they see my hair lol.

 Favourite photo of the day 

So lazy to curl my hair this time but then I guess it will look much more nicer in curled hair! Will do it next time :D

Do you like my new hair color? :p I only accept good comment! HAHA. I won't care if you give me bad comments too Because I still like it so much! Blek :p

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