Bye-bye Internship.

4:13:00 AM

Internship ended 2 weeks ago. So happy to be back home but the internet at my house really make me frustrated. Every time I'm back, the internet will reach it's limit of bandwidth and the speed now is damn slow! :( But still I am here to blog! *don't know how long I didn't blog already lolll.

I was so excited when the internship ended because I don't have to work anymore, having unlimited time to sleep and I'm free now! It's sad though as I had to say bye to my friend at the company that I'm working with.

Of course, I went and visit them before I went back to my hometown. Plan to have a brunch with them on the visitation day, but fail as I can't find any parking and they have continue working as well. Ended up taking pictures at Puran B.

 My Debbie ♥ You la, keep laughing. Only got one photo ok only haha. U look good but I don't >< *If anyone scold you again, just cry on my shoulder haha. get what I mean? :p

Senior Aza   Thanks for this 3 months :)

 And my meow meow sann 

Love this pic so much! So match! Bahahaha :))

So glad to know them during my intern. :D Seniors treated us so well but sometimes quite fierce too lollll. I won't forget you guys! Will find you guys when I'm free ♥ meow meow meow!

Btw, I got a chance to wear Baju Kebaya during my intern lol. The size of kebaya is slightly bigger for me but still so excited and happy! :D

Bf look so good in baju melayu, super suit him HAHAHA

I really learned alot in these 3 months and also get a lot of discount and good deals as I actually intern in a shopping mall lolll. But now no more liao :(

Thanks for everyone who give me a hand in these 3 months!!!

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