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Short update before going to bed. Sleep so early nowadays. Everyday work like shit, tired like shit! One more week! Can't wait for it!

Back to today's topic. I always search for the best cake in town and recently my friend told me Alexis's cake is not bad. I wanna try it out so I asked bf to bring me there during our off day since there's a branch at The Gardens.

Simply dress up and head to Gardens for our brunch. Met with a long lost friend and also a new friend there :) We went Alexis together.

Environment not bad. I prefer the sofa seat but all of it is fully reserved by others. :(

Bf's carbonara pasta.

Bf said it tasted like a normal carbonara. He prefer Plan B lol.

Mine one was Grilled Duck. I don't remember the name of it already. Same with my bf's order, Taste was just so "normal" and the portion is soooo small!!! It does't worth the price that they have given. I didn't try their cake because their food was so disappointed and the cake doesn't have any attractiveness to make me eat em.

But my friend do try their cake - Tiramisu.  That is not tomato sauce lol. Is Strawberry sauce :p

She said the cake was kinda not bad but you will feel bored after few mouthful.

New friend also ordered a mash potato and she said KFC's potato is much more nicer than it lololol.

Overall, it tasted very normal and it make me quite disappointed with it!!! It doesn't reach my expectation at all. Sad case :( Just forget bout it. No next time I guess!

Hello old and new friend lol

Of cause we also selca a lot :p

And so sad for my purple hair, the colour fade so fast :(

It's time to sleep lol! Tomorrow need to work also, no Raya holiday for me :(
Anyway, "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" to all my readers and hope you guys enjoy your holiday

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