Home Sweet Home.

9:20:00 PM

Just went back to my hometown on Tuesday. Finally, After 2 months lol. Miss my home and family a lot. Family prepared a lot of nice food and waited for me to come back! That day around 10pm, I said I wanna eat durian, papa and mama purposely went out and find me durian. They went to a few places to search for my durian. Touch :(

I bought some gift for my family as I get my very first salary. I wanna use my first salary to buy something for them :)

Polo Ralph Lauren Limited Edition Perfume and Body Spray for Papa. I was so dilemma when I was deciding what to buy for him because I bought him many things before, feel like wanna buy something new. I remember Papa once told me that he wanted a Polo perfume but he seldom uses perfume, so I also don't know I should buy perfume for him or not. But still I decided to buy him perfume, it doesn't matter if he use it or not or just put it aside. All I want is to get whatever he wants for him! :)

Actually I don't like the number "4" but the smell is very good lol. Papa was super shocked when he received this. I told him I remember that he told me he wanted this perfume before and here it is :D He open and said it's very nice hehe. *All he know is to kept asking me how much it cost me lol

 This earphone come with the perfume and of course it's mine now haha :))

This one also, comes with the perfume.  :D

 Hush Puppies slipper for mama :) Mama love it so much I guess lol.

 And also grandma :)

Laneige sleeping mask for my sis. I also bought a toy for my bro :) He was so excited to see me after so long! Miss him so much and he is getting more and more tall!!

I think they are super happy :) and me too! Only stay 1 day at home, too rush!! But still I get to eat my favourite food and also met with my ccm! 

 Still got 2 weeks and then, MERDEKA!!!! :P Can't wait!!! 

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