Dyed and Die.

9:28:00 PM

I dyed my hair last few days. Yes, again lol. But this time I had tried something new! Not really new also, but another improved version haha.

I did dip dye again and guess what? I bleach my hair this time!!! So brave right?? The hairstyler said I'm so brave to do so because the lower part of my hair is at damage stage and I still wanna bleach it! And I'm just like : ohh, it's ok. If not nice I can just chop it off! HAHA.

Actually the bottom part of hair is already so damage that when I dye any colour, it will still go back to the  original bleach colour which is a very light and shinning blonde, it just look like barbie's hair! No kidding, my hair seriously is at those "damn damage" stage! I can't even comb it if I didn't apply conditioner lol.

So, I guess I'm so brave this time. I dyed my hair the day before I went to the salon because the black roots is super obvious and my hair is so long, if I dyed it at the salon, it will make my purse a big hole and I need to wait so long for the process! I dyed dark ash brown this time :)

While the bottom part , I go for a dip dye purple. Yes, purple again hahaha. Actually I want lavender or pink at first but the hair styler told me that it will fade away in a week and I need to dye it again if I want the color back. So I just say bye bye to my favourite color and go for a not-too-bad color lol.

Ready for the outcome? :p

Purple!! I like the outcome so much 

Something happen on the next day when I try to comb my hair after washing it.

Hair fall!!! Damn it! My bottom hair become so tiny and weak! I can't even comb it. It just like sewing thread! I'm a person who don't have much patient, so I just kept on pulling it and this photo is only one part of my fallen hair haha. After that I tried to be more patient and waited for it to dry so that it can become  tough and only then I can comb it. Pity my hair :(

The outcome :D

Back side. With flash.

 Without flash.

I dip dye my hair below the level of my shoulder. In case there is a damage on my hair, I can just cut the small part of the bottom hair and I'm still having internship right now, don't want to make it too obvious.  *Luckily I didn't bleach so much, if not my hair fall will be more serious.  The result of the color is not so balance because my barbie hair absorb more color than those healthy part of my hair.

The outcome :D

It look more purple in real life :)

I also made it curl :)


Happy girl! I think my dad's gonna faint when he sees my hair :p

Last picture of the day 

Love my new hair color, hope it won't fade away so fast! I never regretted doing this although it cause me hair falling lol. 

Probably will cut my hair shorter after this :D 

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