Plan B.

2:16:00 AM

Gonna blog about my another offday. My offday is like a-good-foods day because I work too hard already, need to reward and treat myself better #excuses lol.

The original plan of that day was to go Paradigm Mall but bf and I woke up too late so I don't feel like going shopping already, bf was super fed-up with my mood swing. :p  When we were arguing for what to eat and where to eat, suddenly I think of eating Plan B.

So here we go! Plan B at Paradigm Mall, actually it's just the same as our 'plan A' haha
It's my first time been there but I've heard this restaurant from my friend long time ago. :)

I like the environment there. So chill.

Waiting for my food!!

 Bf's Soft Shell Crab Pasta.

 Their soft shell crab is super big and the price is reasonable! And it's yummy!!! =P~

 My Egg Benedict! Big Love!

It's so big actually and quite cheap too! It make me full till I can't breath lolll. I don't like egg yolk actually but surprisingly I like this one! :x

And the dessert!! My recent top lover!! B's chocolate!

The chocolate melt from the inside of the cake and it's still warm. Match with the vanila ice cream! The combination is just so perfect! Perfect Match ever! Must Try!! Craving for it!!!


My nail art of that week :p

 Simple outfit of the day :)

That's all and good night! Peace ♥ *Showing off my nail again hahaha :p

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