Malacca Trip.

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Today a lot of people post and forward that Ella was in Malacca with her husband and this reminds me of my malacca one day trip with bf and his family! I also forget when was the trip already but I remember what we did and where we went that day lololol. Second old-story that I'm gonna blog :p

The last time I went to Malacca was the age of 16 or 17, super young. wtf! This time we went there because bf's mama want to Malacca's food, she didn't been there before. So we started our journey early in the morning, bf's papa drive. I'm super lazy to dress up myself early in the morning so I just simply wear a dress with spec and without makeup. I slept all the way to Malacca haha. I only woke up when we almost reach and apply bb cream in car lollll.

 Oh damn! Why I'm so fat?! zzzz

Everyone ready to start their business. LOL

Our first stop.

Long queue! But actually inside still got place one! Trick of business,maybe?

Finally we get in! Super hot until I sweat like hell! I don't know why bf and his bro posing with same emotion but so cute hahaha!

Finished set up! hahaha

When all the food came, I'm like "5 rice balls only enough meh?" but then I regret already! I can't even finish them! And it doesn't taste good! :(

Next stop- San Shu Gong, Dessert time!

Durian Cendol!

 I love it!!

 Bf always like to capture me when I'm eating! :|

After that, we just walked around A Famosa.

 Bf and I :x

That day the whether was like it can really make me melt!

Bf called me suddenly and I gave him this face lol. After we walked for a while, I felt dizzy and I didn't join them already, I sat under a tree and waited for them haha. How weak am I? :p

Okay,after they walked around and take picture, we went to our next stop.

Yes! Eat again omfg! We had nyonya food as our lunch. This shop was even promoted by "Ho Chiak"  food series and our expectation towards this restaurant was high indeed.

But then, I only like the vegetables.  :-S The way they serve dishes is 0 marks. You see the plate, you see the sauce! They just simply put the food on the plate, it look so bad! The price is not cheap leh!

The taste of food is just so normal, bf's mama cook much more better! Since everyone was so full after the lunch, we didn't go for Mille Crepe. :(  I never try malacca's mille crepe before!!

You guys sure can't guess what place we visited after that! We went to Zoo Melaka! wtf! hahaha! We don't know where to go and bf's bro wants to visit Zoo Melaka and that's why we went there. It was my first time there lol!

 This is so cute! So mini!

 He don't want show me his face! I almost forget how it look like hahah

 I jealous this cutie! His leg so slim! hahahah

 I don't how this bird come out. We hide behind it and take photo :p

 Feel like wanna give it a mask! His face look so dry omg!

Guess what? Suddenly rain! It was still so hot and the sun was still so bright before the rain! We waited until the rain stop and continue discovering the zoo.

 Angry bird? HAHAHA

We saw a lot of birds in the zoo but I din really enjoy looking at those bird because I scared they poo on me!!! :))

Mama and baby! Lot of love!

I felt shocked when I first look at this photo. I thought it was a snake, i'm so afraid of snake damn! But this is leopard actually. It can just sleep like that, clap hands!

 Bf called the tiger's name and the tiger replied him with "Rawrrr!" #unbelievable #truestory

Baby elephant is so cute! They are so round and short! Okay I know it is still taller than me but still so cute!!!

We took more than one hour to discover the whole zoo! It is freaking hot freaking smelly freaking tired! But get to see so many cute animal :D

I wish to see 草泥马 so so much! Why Malaysia don't have? :( I not saying bad word ok? It's just the animal name haha. It named Alpaca in English.

See! Cute or not?! Cute or not?! hahaha. I want it as pet :p

Okay, that's all! Good night :)

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