Fish Off.

9:28:00 PM

Yesterday I sat for the toughest paper in my uni life. I did wrote a lot of thing but I don't know it was right or wrong lol. Hope can score lah!

Recently i found a super interesting app, it is a game called "Fish Off". Super fun and i'm so addicted to it! At least 3 games per day! I want to play more but mr.exam don't let me play. :(  Today i'm going to share this fantastic game with you guys :D

Fish Off is a multiplayer battle game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is now available on the iTunes App Store:  and it's free!! Touch the "Fight" to start the game.

After you press the"Fight", you will see this. You can challenge you friend by inviting them. All you need is to press "Invite Friend" *you need to add the people as your friend in Game Centre then you only can invite them to the game. If you don't want to play with your friend, you can touch the "Play Now" and it will randomly find you an opponent!

Before the game start, you can choose the 'weapons'. The game has 3 types of power ups. Medusa is what I used always :p

What you need to do is to make your opponent fish bowl overflow and the fish drop outside of the bowl then you win!

This game concept is actually similar with Bejeweled Blitz. Link the fish that have the same colour ,minimum 3 fishes. Link as much as possible to drop stone fish on your opponents. *At least 5 fishes only can send stone to your opponent. Stone fish means the fish become a stone already la hahaha so you can't link the stone until it 'un-stone' wtf

Very easy right? Faster go and download it now and invite me to the game! My id: superbaoer. Better train before you challenge me, I don't want to make your rank down. I'm a pro! HAHAHA :p

Okay, should stop here, off to play Fish Off :p

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