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Last 2 week I suddenly realize that my hair was growing so long already and the top 3 inches's colour was super duper dark black and the bottom one was blonde. So it kinda look like this.....

HAHAHAHAHA!! Really look like that but doesn't look good or tasty lol. And that's why I decide to dye my hair again. HOHOHO :)

Super dilemma in choosing what colour to dye because I almost tried all colour already. HAHA. I wanna dye my hair into pink one but I worry my dad will get heart attack if I really do so! HAHA. And I need to go for internship next semester sooooo I can't do it! :(  After a long time of decision making process, I finally decided what colour to dye already. :p

Tadaa! I dyed my hair into purple colour but I don't know why it look like dark red lol.

But guess what? The stupid colour faded so fast. Only one week my hair turn into blonde again! I was like......

So.... I dyed it again! Yea, dyed twice in a week. I bought 2 different purple colour hair cream because one is too bright and one is too dark for me,so I plan to mix them up to get the colour in between! Smart huh? But at the end I changed the plan :p Since I got 2 colour's hair cream so I decided to try to make a dip dyed hair colour! 

This is how it look like after I dyed the top with dark purple and you can see how serious my hair faded in a week by seeing the bottom hair. I think this already look like dip dyed? HAHA

The final result! Can't really see the difference between the top and bottom's colour but I like the colour so much!

 I changed the cloth and take photo of my hair again because my hair look similar with my red colour shirt.

This is how my hair looks like now! In real life it actually look darker without light. My friend said I look a good girl with this colour but actually I'm also a good girl la! HAHAHA :))

The result was not what I expected it to be, because I wan dip dye kinda look! Somehow I still love it because I use to dye blonde everytime and this colour make me feel more fresh. But I wish that it can be more brighter because now it is kinda dark now! I am not use to it! Colour started to fade, so I think it will become brighter after a week! :D

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