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Ohhh! My fringe so long already! :D

I know the last post is not-a-blog-post so today I decide to blog again. I'm gonna blog about my last Sunday's brunch since my friend is craving for pasta on that same day and I promise to show her what I ate. :p

I went to KL again last weekend, before we went back to kampar, bf's bro brought us to have our brunch. Since we have no idea what to eat so we went to 1U, walk around and see what to eat. At first we planned to eat at Sushi Zanmai but there is a big crowed queuing up, so we changed our plan to Pasta Zanmai.

Fruit Tea - rm16.  This is super nice! Must Try!

Smoked Salmon Hand Roll - rm5. You can imagine how delicious it is as I just can't wait for my bf to take a picture of it. "Simply perfect" Everytime I went there I will order their hand roll because I can choose tortilla rather than the normal seaweed! I don't like mayonnaise actually but I love their Spicy Mayonnaise! It is sooooo soooo sooo tasty!  A perfect match!

This is the pasta that I order. It is the pasta with eel, mushroom,onion and egg - rm26. The eel is so big in size and the mushroom is so yummy!

This 2 comes in a set and it was only rm23!

This 2 is also a set meal -rm23! Their set meal is really super worthy! One set actually can share by 2 person because the food is super gigantic and yet it is so cheap! Our stomach almost explode after eating all of these lol!

I'm craving for the food already when I see these photo! Why Ipoh no Pasta or Sushi Zanmai?!  :(

Btw,did you notice that I changed my blog background already? Like it?  :)

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