Rise of the Planet of the Apes.。

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Olá. Since everyone said that Rise of the Planet of the Apes is so nice, so today I also watched it with my man, sis and a special friend. *I havent watch Harry Potter yet.WTF.* Although yesterday was a scary day but still, I stay up until so late,maybe because of the nescafe. I slept around 4 and today I woke up at 11. I'm so tired and I can't open my eyes,contact lens also can't put into my eyes. LOL.

This ape called Caesar *his eyes so pretty!* and this movie is something about human testing the new develop on the apes and how the apes revenge & get back to their place. Because of the virus, the apes become so smart, they even can talk and they know sign language too. They all are good and sweet actually but human force them to revenge and protect themselves. Don't let any ape watch this movie,because there will really be revolution.

James Franco as Will Rodman, OMFG! He is super duper handsome!! He is one of the scientist and dad of Caesar. :p

They are friend. Animals got feeling and emotions too. They always human's friend but not every human understand this!

 Tom Felton as Dodge Landon, I hate him! He is so cruel. I don't know why some people can treat animal like they are not a living thing!

Caesar hugging James Franco's dad,John Lithgow as Charles Rodman. He attack his neighbor because the neighbor was pushing and scolding James Franco's dad. Caesar try to protect his family! How touch!! But because of this, Caesar was forced to leave his home and he thought Will don't care about him.

The ending of this movie is.... find it and watch it yourself! HAHA. :)) Don't miss it guys!

So, for me this movie is really amazing,surprising and so touching. I cried for a few times!!! Even my cold blooded's sis also cried for this movie. WTF. We really need to think and care more for those animals. This planet is not only for us, but animals too. They are like us, have feeling too. They will miss home too!! :(

I used almost 2 hours to blog this post because I kept watching TV, the match between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. Too bad Lee Chong Wei lose. :(

I guess a lot people will emo because there will be no holiday tomorow.LOL.

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  1. This week will go to watch this movie~~ by the way, who will bring apes to watch this movie leh~~~ lol