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I become my friend's model last 2 weeks for a hair competition. I know I should blog about it last week, but my lappy spoiled already! Luckily it spoiled after I done all my assignment! I'm using my boyfriend's laptop now :(

Back to the topic, this competition is about color. My friend Sunny dyed my hair into orange color and our theme was SUMMER. This competition was held at Voodoo Pub in Ipoh and it started around 10pm. I remember that day was Friday,the day i din sleep at all and rushing all my assignment. After passing up all the assignment i went back to Ipoh from Kampar and went to her shop after bath. *i din sleep and eat for the whole day. wtf* Since it's all about hair, this post will be full of picture of cause. lolll.

#1 I love my hair color so so much! The color is not so bright because my hair is so dry and she is so sweet, she don't want to bleach my hair. She also helped me cut my hair a lil bit so it look short now :)

#2 She helped me make up too because i don't know to put fake lashes. This is my second time of wearing fake lashes. I have no idea why the lashes don't want to stick on my eyelid, no matter how many time she help me stick it. Maybe my real lashes boycott them! :)) but the bottom eye lashes is of cause REAL one. want to know my secret? :p

#3 Since there's some people that asked what contact lens i'm wearing. So If u interest with the contact lens i'm wearing in this picture or any other picture, email me : . I'm selling it :)

#4 Me and Sunny. I look f.fat!

 #5 The cloth and dress also prepared by Sunny. how sweet?


 #7 We reached there early and so i pose and wait for it to start. HAHA

 #8 Do i look hungry? HAHA


 #10 Finally started. Spot me.

 #11 Curllll

 #12 Fuyooh. Flash!!


 #14 I feel so dizzy that day because the music was so loud and im so hungry.

 #15 First time that much of a people looking at me, I'm fucking nervous that day! HAHA

 #16 We are contestant no.14 that day.


#18 I'm the only one who had long hair.

#19 Done! *clap*

 #20 I'm the shortest one that day,because i din wear any high heel. We want it to be relaxing, like going to the beach. loll.

 #21 Stupid catwalk make me so nervous!

 #22 My smile so fake and i keep sweating.haha

#23 I don't know how to pose ><

#24 Preparing and back to the stage. My hair color was so normal compare to others.HAHA

 #25 With all contestant. They make me so wanna cut short my hair! wtf

 #26 The judge. I look so pro,at least i think so. HAHA

 #27 My first time with long dress.

 #28 Finally all thing DONE! That's why i smile happily. :))

After prize giving, me and my boyfriend use like only 5 second to reached Mcd and get our first meal. HAHA. I camwhore for the whole night but there's none any photo that look nice, because my face was so oily after that. Lolll.

#29 Can u imagine how hungry we are? My boyfriend even take picture while holding paos. HAHA.

We din get into the Finalist but i'm satisfied with my friend's work. Maybe my hair color was not so striking and i don't want cut my hair short if not it will be more stylish. My friend is from Fame Saloon which located at Ipoh. You all can find her to cut or dye your hair, She is very nice :)

I gained experience and got a lot of first time that day! The most i can't forget was the CATWALK!! HAHA. There's another hair styler who got into final and asked me to be his model but too bad i can't make it that day! :(

Welcome you guys to give me a new try, a new experience too! HAHA :p

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