What are some characteristic that you want your life partner to have?

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Hello  my holiday had just finished and the new semester begins this monday. yea, that means i got my result already. It SUCKS u know. I told my mum that i don't have any confident in studying already and she is super nervous, she kept messaging  me and comfort me, tell me that my result is still good. HAHA. She's so cute. I'm only emo for awhile actually but my mum take it soooo serious. LOL.

And this semester, there's a lot of subject that make me STRESS, especially Public Speaking. This subject is a 100% coursework mark, that means there's no Final exam and we gonna keep presenting each and every week and every presentation got marks. This is making me super nervous and all those speeches is in impromptu form. Most importantly everyone is looking at you!

Today we had a mock presentation. This make me emo the whole morning. LOL. The title that I get was :What are some characteristic that you want your life partner to have? Oh gosh. Give me 3 hours I also cant finished talk about this title but I just talk so less this morning. WTF. Actually this is a quite easy topic but I'm just so nervous, butterflies in stomach!! So I decide to discuss more about this title here. HAHA.* I just cant get enough*

What are the characteristic that I want my life partner to have? Like what I mentioned today, I wish that my partner's background is "A" OK , i mean  financial background.

 Not that I want him to be super rich, like having a big house such as this castle, 

but of course not that poor.

Love is important of course ,but in reality. No Money No Life. Everyone wish that their life can be better and me too. I don't want my life to be suffering everyday. I need Vitamin M to shop, I'm a shopaholic! =D>  The rich one and the poor one might betray you too, so why don't you choose a better one? Okay, if that guy is poor also,he must at least be hardworking and have a target so that he can improve our life. A man who is hardworking and always aim to achieve his goal always have the charming look when they do their job.

And then I wish that he is super caring, tender and lovely. Who want their partner to treat them very fierce or rude? I think no one,right? I'm easy to get sick because i have Thalassemia. So he must be very caring and tender to take care of me and he can't have Thalassemia, if not our baby will be super pity.

When I'm sick i always want someone to give me warmness and caring.
When I'm cold,I wan him to give me a hug. 
When I'm sad or crying, I wish my love can hug me and comfort me. It will be so sweet! 

When I hangout, I want him to hold my hand and do not let any guys to get near me, i mean protect me. :D Besides that, my temper is just very bad.I can easily get mad so I want my partner to accept this. HAHA. If we argue, I want him to be the one who say sorry first or else i will cry for every single day! =D

 He can't beat me or throw me things too if not I will go crazy and might kill him! 

Even if he raise his voice up, i will start to cry too.  So, I think that he need to have Super Extra Patience. =)) He need to pampered me also la.

Then, I think Honest and Respect is also super important. Anyone like the feeling of being cheated?

 I want my partner to be honest all the way. Even if he farted, i also want him to admit. HAHA. Do not lie! What my partner tell me I will believe it. A relationship need trusted!

No need to say about respect i think? We all need it. He should respect my family too.  They love me and so i want my lover to love them too. My dad always worry that I will get hurt by someone. So he need to be accept by my dad! LOL

Oh yea, he need to concentrate on me when I'm talking to him. I'm super fed up when I talk to someone but they just kept doing their stuff and ignore me, then they will ask me to repeat again! This is under respect la i think.LOL. And I want him to praise me always. I enjoy people praising me. *big laugh* I allow my partner to look at other girls or praise other girls but NOT infront of me, thankyou. Although i allow him to look at others but he still need to think that I'm the better one, I'm the perfect one. :p And listen to me always! Queen Control!

To maintain a sweet relationship, romantic must be there. He just need to give me a lil suprise when there is some special day without my reminder! Especially Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine. Others i don't really care.Other than that, I wish i can always be the top 3 in his life. Maybe not No.1. No.1 usually will be family, second one maybe will be himself or job. And the third one will be ME! I don't want GAMES to be infront of me in the list! I don't want my love to be addicted to game and ignore me because of games! It is stupid u know? Will game take care of u? Will game love u? Will u marry with game? The answer will be NO,NO,NO and NO! so guys,don't treat game better than your girlfriend or wife, don't face game longer than them. You will break their heart if you do so.

And one thing, I want him to be jealous sometime! When your love one is jealous, you will feel that he is just so cute,he care u and love u. but don't always do that, if not it will be very annoy.

 Just now i mentioned that Trust is very important, so once he promise me something, he must not break the promise. Do not simply make promise if you can't do so.

About the outlook, he no need to be super handsome but at least something that i can accept la. HAHA. He need to be friendly to my friend too and of course to be gentleman. I can cook for him always, but i wish he can cook for me sometimes too. Or maybe cook together? wow. so sweet! :))

On the other hand, i wish that he can understand me very well. Remember what i like and what i dislike too. Don't ask me to do something that i don't like. Sometimes when I'm saying No,doesn't really mean don't want, i might be very angry and just simply speak out something.

Very lucky that i found someone who have these all characteristic. He has all the thing i want!
Yea, My love one  My man, David Chew :)  I appreciate our love, love you.

I think for the meantime,it is just like that. If not, someone will start to feel stress. :p And how about yours? Do share with me. :D Good night peeps.


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  1. both of u so sweet, wish u stay sweet and apprecaite each other, sweety :)

  2. Your speech indeed it"s worth to read I'm willing to spend 10 minute to read this just to get myself into this to understand girls better. Thanks for sharing your true feeling bout how girls think of boy. Thank you =) Hope u and your partner getting along together well and good.