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Holiday is always my Movie's Week. Because i don't have anything to do and I don't to stay at home, so cinema will be the only place to go. HAHA. and there's a lot of 5 stars movies during this holiday. LOL.

This week I had watched 2 movies with my dear. He force me to go, although I am still having fever :p Everyone said that Fast Five,known as Fast & Furious 5 is super nice so my dear purposely came Ipoh and watched with me.

I din watch previous Fast & Furious but i still can understand the story. This movie's duration is about 2hours plus, it is quite long. 

The beginning of the movie is a bit boring for me. They just keep chasing by others and keep jumping. HAHA. So far this movie is not bad and excited, overall it din make me disappointed.  Intro some of the characters in Fast 5 to you guys, they are SEXY and SPICY, i mean they are super H-O-T! :D

 Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto. He is a professional criminal, street racer and fugitive. His voice is super sexy! 

Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto. She is in a relationship with a handsome. super JEALOUS!

The handsome,Paul Walker!! He act as O'Conner. So charm! I like his smile! :D

Ludacris as Tej Parker (Left) He is the one who open the valve. Tyrese Gibson as Roman pierce (right) Sexy Lips? BUAHAHAHA.

Sung Kang as Han Seoul Oh, he get a hot chick,Gisele Harabo at the end. OH NO! and I heard he was dead at the previous F & F but suddenly pop out at Fast Five,weird huh!

 Gal Gadot as Gisele Harabo. Awwwww!  She is a hot sexy chick bitch! soo HOT!

Tego Leo and Rico Santos, i just remember they boom the toilet! yucks & it stinks!

Vince, he was shot dead in Fast Five. Father to a son, Nico. Now he don't have a daddy already! The first and only part that make my tears drop! :(

The Rock as Luke Hobbs, a US Diplomatic Security Service agent. His body is sooo SEXY! A real man!

And there still other characters including the bad one. but i don't want talk about them. :p It is a good ending but how i wish Vince is alive, because his wife and son is waiting for him at home! :(

I can't wait for the next Fast & Furious! Do u believe in ghost? Petty is back? She still alive? If she is still alive why don't she come back and find Dom? Dom will choose her or Elena Neves? If Petty was dead, then who is that? OMFG! It will be super duper excited! HAHA. Luke Hobbs will tell us the truth. Give him some time. HAHA :)) *Remember to stay at the cinema until the credit is finish for Fast & Furious 6's Spoiler*


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