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Alo. I'm now sitting for final exam and I will only be free after 9th May. Btw yesterday's paper make me so down! First time that panic answering those papers. Stop talking about that, it will just make me sad!  Okay, I will update more often after exam. :)  so this post will just be a short post, i need to do revision later. * really?* HAHAHA.

Since final exam already started, that means all assignment had been done. This sem really drive all of us crazy. It's like we need to pass up at least one assignment or exercise each week, sometimes even more than 2!  Besides that, all those lecturer are so strict, the way they mark are so ridiculous. SERIOUSLY! 70% coursework marks i can't even get half? WTF. Its all about flash. About script. And i don't even know anything. I just do some photoshop for the assignment. I don't know how to pass this subject! *big deep sigh*

Another subject that I'm quite worried is FRENCH. Je ne comprends pas!lol. We do draw alot in this sem for conceptual design. I enjoy quite alot in drawing if there is no deadline! Let me show you guys some of the exercise and assignment that i had done, which is all hand drawing. Can it be called as ARTWORK? idk. HAHA

Black and White Pointilism. Bunny. lol

A4 Water Color Pointilism

A3 Water Color Pointilism. For this one?? NO COMMENT. Look like shit i know. But who cares? Pass up on time is more important. HAHAHA. 

Art Material & Non Art Material - Lines. It is a bird, its a plane,no is SUPERMAN.. LOL. I think I drank some water color when i use straw to create those line. HAHA

Da Font. I name it as OMFG. Wanna download? HAHAHA

Figure Ground Reversal. This is the one that make me headache the most! It need a well planning. But i don't have, that's why it look sucks.

NO DOUBT. All of those above are my last minute works. My friend always call me as Last Minute Queen. HAHA. hmm.. This is only a part of it. There is still a lot. But others seriously look sucks. So I din take any picture. LOL. I think the most scary art will be my collage. And I hate it the most! 

Oh ya, because of my stupid final exam. I missed the Hennessy Artistry 2011! Wasted 2 passes! Damn! Anyone went there? How was it? :( 

And I also missed out Asian Music Festival that held by Tiger yesterday. I missed a chance to meet EDC! *scream* Thanks to my final! I saw a lot of people posting about it. I really feel so sad ar! *close light and emo alone at the corner with watery eyes*.. Anyone went there too? Edc looks good?? Se7en really thats handsome??

I should stop complain and go revision now.:p 

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