♚iPhone 4 32GB.。

8:39:00 PM

hi guys,i think its about time to intro u guys my not so new toy. *laugh*
i got it a few months ago.i mean last year.
but im being lazy to update my blog LOL

#1 guess whats that? 

#2 taadaa!

#3 iPhone 4 with 32 gb. teehee.

my dear bought me this. *CSL*

Talk about the iPhone. 
9.3 millimeters thin making it the world's thinnest smartphone.
With the new "Retina Display", which have a pixel density of 326 ppi, it can even make blind people see again. It is super clear!!! LOL

Lets cut the talk about the features. 
It's time to tell you all my favourite spec about this iPhone4.
I like the camera most since, cam-whoring is one of my favourite..LOL
With the new HDR,5MP and video recording of 720P ,
 i have no worries when i forget to take my baby guess (my cam)
Taadaa. this is some of the pic i have taken using my iPhone

#5 i love this!

#6 hungry~!

Well,next would be of coz, a favourite for everyone. 
iPhone gaming is amazing with its new features "Gyro+Accelerometer" . 

Finally,i have a Gamecenter account, my ID is SUPERBAOER. haha. 
try to add me and beat my score in any game.
 but you can forget about winning me. 
  im super PRO! not kiding! *wahahha*
if got time,we can try Facetime on iPhone 4 too. =D

oh yea. my lil bro got a new toy too.
#7 eyePhone 4 *haha*

i used iPhone 4 for a few months ad,
overall not bad.
but I start to feel bored .
is time to get a new toy again? *evil laugh*

     PS: My dear is selling iPhone 4, you can email me about the details.
 * imbaoer@gmail.com *


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