♚Great Day 天天好天.。

2:37:00 AM

result already released.
it was BAD. so i just skip it. LOL
hmm.sem break has come to the E.N.D 
and there goes the new sem.
i mean, it will start from tomorrow. FML
2am now.
im cleaning my hostel's room
super duper DIRTY!
while waiting for my dear to sweep floor.
i come here for a short post. teehee.

i watched "GREAT  DAY" last thursday.
which was premier at GSC.

it's a local made Malaysia movie.
alot of local actor participate in this movie.
the story is quite good.
funny and super touch.
i cry like hell!
can u imagine how my eye liner look like after crying like shit? ><
the movie show alot of moral value
and it make me think of my family.
that is why i cry non stop.

but i dont really like the ending.
because i think that the ending is not really complete.
and it is so short.
it juz END suddenly like that ><
i wanna know how bout the uncle who got cancer la.issshh

overall is ok la.
do make us think bout family
earning money is really important.
but family and our close one come 1st in our life.
the time  to be with our family might not be so long
we should appreciate them.
especially our parents.
they take care of our life since we came to this world.
they always sacrifice and care for us from thick to thin.
but we don't really know and never think about the moment when we were cared
one day, we should really lay on the bed and think, 
"what our family and close one had done for us"
so, sayang them more la. LOL

gonna end here. 
my dear starts to mumble while doing all those stuff
and im just sitting infront of the lappy. *laugh*


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