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(28th Nov) While I was typing this, my blog is actually down! I had no idea how and when it happen! Bf is sleeping now and I don't know who can help me :(  I'm so worry and panic now la but if you are reading this, means my blog is alive again! 

Not sure if it's a sign to ask me to stop blogging HAHA! Hopefully everything will be back to normal!

Anyway, I'm back for a Bkk's trip post :P Seems like I have to spend forever to blog about my bkk trip fml

Let's start off the post with my selfie :P Kinda missed this hair color! 

"After You Dessert Cafe" is super famous with their Shibuya Honey Toast in Bangkok! Like everyone who visited this cafe before, they will definitely missed it a lot after that! My first visit and experience to After You wasn't a very good one, in fact it was actually a terrible experience! (The one we visited was located in Central World 7th floor.) 
I will talk more about it later.

Love the cozy interior of the cafe!

Try not to during dinner time or else you will have to wait for a very long queue

While waiting for our dessert hehe

During our first visit, we ordered Ferrero Toast in baby size. I tot Ferrero is forever good and will never go wrong but this toast proved that I'm totally wrong.

It does looks good but the taste was awful that I almost wanted to curse all the people who recommend After You cafe HAHAHA. The toast was bad, the honey was unpleasant. I just can't tell why it's so popular! We didn't even bother to finish the toast FOL.

Banana Split that I guess they don't serve this anymore as I can't see it on their official website now. It was actually one of their signature dessert :/

Nothing but just another nasty dessert. Banana was too ripe FML. Bf blamed me for bringing him to eat such terrible dessert and I felt really sorry for him :( 


After I came back to Malaysia, I still heard a lot of good comments on After You that I decided to give them a second chance when I visited Bangkok early this year.

Bf refused to go again HAHA but I insisted to go so we made a deal which is I have to eat the toast myself, he didn't want to risk his taste buds again HAHA.

F off the Ferrero toast and I go for the Strawberry Cream Toast.

Guess what? It tasted HEAVENLY GOOD! OMG! I forced bf to try it and he loves it! He even request to revisit After You again! The taste of this toast is totally different from the first one that we tried. The toast is crispy outside and soft on the inside.

Conclusion: I think the waitress was not in a mood when we first visited so she made the worst dessert on that day. Now I announce, After You serve the BEST Shibuya Honey Toast in Bangkok! I love After You HAHAHA. 

After You has a lot of branches in Bangkok. Do visit their website for more :

It's okay if you are not a fans of desserts. What about burger? And what about pork burger? *scream 
Sorry for muslim readers :(  but I guess most of the people will definitely go to McD in Bangkok for their pork burger as we can't get it in Malaysia and I was one of them. But then McD in Bangkok was really disappointing as their burger now is not as tasty as before!

 I tot it was hopeless until I found MOS Burger in Central World Plaza! 

MOS Burger is Japanese Fine Burger & Coffee fast food restaurant.

I can't really remember what I've ordered but if not mistaken, it was the set of Bacon Pork Cheese Burger! Must try okokok!

No joke. It was so far the best pork burger that I've eaten! Bf agree with me too!

Soooo yummy! 

I don't know but I think their fries was even better than Mcd one!

Oh and I saw this girl! She was so pretty that I have to secretly take her photo :P

To check the shop list of MOS Burger :

These are two 'Must Revisit' cafe and restaurant of mine in Bangkok and I hope you enjoy reading! :)


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