Pre-loved Wave #3 !

6:31:00 PM

Bf went for a business trip last month and I was too free that I decided to clean my wardrobe. I packed some of my pre-loved clothes and took some time to snap photos of them (damn slow fml).  Finally I'm done and finish uploading them to my blog (here) for you guys today hehe. 

*Read before you make any purchase:
  •  All prices stated do not include postage fee. West Malaysia - RM7 || East Malaysia - RM10
  •  Buy 5 items and above, FREE POSTAGE! 
  •  Don't expect them to be as new as those in store, even to those that I never wear before. Coz I might got them ages ago. :|
  •  Color might have a lil bit different from photos.
  •  No refund or exchange after payment is made. 

[Brand New- Tongue Denim Dress || Size: S-M (Stretchable) || RM15]

[Pre-loved - Tiger Dress from H&M || Size: XS- S || RM23]

[Pre-loved - Blue Long Dress (Belt Excluded) || Size: Free Size (Stretchable) || RM20]

[Pre-loved - Lulu Guinness Top from Uniqlo || Size: S || RM15]

[Pre-loved - Blue & White Dress from Cotton On || Size: XS (Fits S-M too, Stretchable|) | RM18]

-RESERVED-[Pre-loved - Denim Outer with Studs || Size: S-M || RM20]

[Pre-loved - White Top from Forever 21 || Size: S (Fits M too) || RM15]

[Pre-loved - Checkered Top || Size: Best Fits S-M (Stretchable|| RM10]

-SOLD- [Brand New - Cute Knitted Dress || Size: Best Fits S-M || RM18]

-RESERVED- [Pre-loved - Rabbit Ears Beanie || RM5]

-RESERVED- [Brand New - Polka Dots Romper (Thin Material) || Size: S || RM10]

[Pre-loved - Layered Skirt in Pink || Size: Best Fits XS-S (Stretchable|| RM8]

[Pre-loved - Pink Cropped Outer || Size: Best Fits XS-S || RM10]

[Pre-loved - Floral Skirt || Size: Best Fits S-M (Stretchable|| RM15]

[Pre-loved - Lace Top from Forever 21 || Size: S || RM13]

[Brand New - Black and White Dress || Size: Best Fits S-M (Stretchable|| RM15]

[Pre-loved - Leopard Long Top || Size: XS-S || RM10]

[Brand New - Baby Blue Skirt || Size: S || RM13]

[Pre-loved- Aloha Knitted Top from Forever 21 (Super Good Quality) || Size: S || RM23]

[Wore Once Only - Denim Dungaree Dress || Size: Best Fits S-M || RM15]

[Brand New - Lace Black Outer || Size: Free Size || RM10]

[Pre-loved - Floral Top from F Block || Size: S-M || RM13]

[Pre-loved - Peach Dress (Belt Excluded) || Size: S-M || RM15]

[Wore Once Only- B&W Layered Dress (Belt Excluded) || Size: S-M || RM13]

[Wore Once Only- Black Dress (Belt Excluded) || Size: S-M (Stretchable) || RM15]

[Wore Once Only- Elegant Long Dress (Belt Excluded) || Size: S-M (Stretchable) || RM18]

[Pre-loved- Gradient Singlet || Size: S || RM5]

[Pre-loved- Gradient Baby Blue Knitted Top from H&M || Size: S || RM23]

-RESERVED- [Brand New-  Houndstooth Shorts || Size: XS-S (Stretchable) || RM8]

[Brand New- Tube Top || Size: XS-S (Stretchable) || RM13]

If any of you wanted to make a purchase or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can Email me at OR Wechat me, Wechat ID: superbaoerrr OR PM me thru Facebook Btw, I will be uploading all the item on Carousell so you can also follow me on Carousell if you want hehe

Also, I want to say thank you to all of you who've purchased anything from me for the past Pre-loved Waves! Thank you and you can shop again now HAHAHA :P

Happy Shopping!


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