Boat Noodle @ Empire Damansara.

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To have gimmick and speciality is one of the best selling point for restaurants or cafe, just like
 Boat Noodle! The food is the same, but then, eating it in a different way brings out the specialty of it.

Boat noodle has been one of the hottest topic in town for having a long queue. I went there on a random weekend, around 5.30pm because I read some blog and saw it from somewhere where they said Boat Noodle will be closed after lunch time and reopen again at dinner time which is 6pm! To avoid the long queue we reached there half an hour earlier and …. FML! The queue is INSANE! They open for all day long one ahhh! Those blogs cheated me! D:

But still, I got my number and waited for it patiently……..

You can see how their kitchen looks like from the outside. Everyone was super busy!

Waited for around 1 hour, finally we got our seat! Yea, an hour! I heard that the longest can go up to 2 hours plus!

The restaurant is quite small and the interior design is super simple one.

Menu is also very straight forward. One sided only lololollll. I wanted to try their Thai Pandan Dessert but too bad, it was all sold out that day! *cry

So they have 2 types of noodles, which is the dry and soup one. You can go for beef or chicken. Pork free! :)  Each bowl costs RM1.90.

Our first round lollll.  Their selling point is that they sell them in a very tiny portion. Each bowl is about 1 or 2 mouthful only.

We ordered all of them to see which one suits us. I collage them together for you guys, not sure you guys can see the difference or not HAHA!


FYI, Stacking all those bowls up and take a photo of it is now a trend lololollll

 Me, alone, took 12 bowls……. HAHAHAHAHA. See! I can really eat a whole cow :P

C   L   E   A   N!  :P

Overall, the noodles are average and I think besides the taste, what makes you keep eating it might be the amount of how many bowls you can take lolololll. I guess most of the people were there to challenge themselves or their friends? That's why I said gimmick is important. Btw, I prefer the soup one! Nomnommmmm~

Some people say it was quite pricey for a small bowl of noodle like that. Yea, I don't recommend you to go there if you are a person who eat lots and you think the price is irrational. However if you just eat a little, I think it's still okay. At least each bowl of noodles are served with a big fish ball lol. Besides, for people who want to try out or to take the challenge, go ahead! Once a bluemoon is still alright, right? heheh!

Last but not least, my OOTD.  ♡

Boat Noodle
Empire Damansara, G03a, Heritage Lane
Contact: 0107683525

The School @ Jaya One, P2, Same floor as Cold Storage
Contact:  0168546956

Ikon Cheras, G Floor
Contact: 01133783788

Publika Block C5, Level G3, Lot 30a

Business Hour: 11am - 9pm



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