Am I getting old?

10:45:00 PM

It was a random topic between me and my gf.
"Gf: So will you get the new iPhone 6?
Me: Huh? Nope. Gf: Huh? Why? I tot you always wanted to get that?"
True fact 1.1: Yea. I also thought of having a new iPhone because my current iPhone battery is dead, but I just don't know why I don't have the ohm anymore. 
Fun fact 2: I never really do my saving wtf! ... So what do you want? Me: I want XXX but... Hmm I don't need it. It's not a must.

Okay. I sound pretty proud and surprise myself that I said that out loll. I mean I know what I want and what I need now. Or probably iPhone is not enough to satisfy me anymore? Lolololll :P

Anyway, you know I have a lot of things in my wanted-list but the truth is, I don't have money to get them all and I think I've change from this perspective. I was the kind of person with a personality of "When I want something I will surely get it" but then as for now, I think I've changed, slightly. Am I growing old? Fuck aging HAHA

I don't understand how people sell their kidney for a damn phone. I want this and that too but when I sit down and look at things that I own. I got a house, I got food to eat, got my laptop to type this shit and also watch my fav drama with it and bla bla bla. Hey, I pretty much got everything already, the things that I need!!! Count on the things that you are owning now. It will always be out of your expectation. U own this much than what you think you have. So who cares about a little thing that you missing out there?

We always compare ourselves with others. It's all cuz of vanity and desires. And so, we started to blame on this and that. Some people think that they can be motivated by the things they bought, but I personally think that, they will be in deep shit if this is a habit. Hmm...

I think what makes most of us to be happy is MONEY? Lolll. Lotsa money. But you know what? When u got a million you want a billion, when u got billion u will want trillion. There will be like no ending if you are not thankful to what you have now. So if you are not contented/ appeased with what you have, you will never be happy. Man is a perpetual wanting animal but we will never have everything that we want in life. Of cuz you can work harder for a better life but do not let negative energy hits you. I can't say I always think positively. I do act and think like a devil sometimes, because of jealousy. JEALOUSY KILLS. but I tried, try to pull myself out of the river of jealousy and swim into the sea of blessed.

I mean… be content with what u are and what u have. 

Meh! Why am I typing this? Blame aging!!! Grrrrhhh…


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