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Hi lovesss! ❤❤

Besides Korean BBQ, Bf and I love steamboat and shabu shabu, recently we discovered of what I can say, it will be in our favourite list of shabu shabu restaurant. When you talk about shabu shabu, you can imagine, the delicious soup and how you dip the pork/meat slices into the soup and the process of eating it while it's hot soaking with the soup's aroma!

Our new shabu shabu spot, Jiro Shabu which is located at Taipan USJ. You will be able to locate them via Waze so no worries getting here hehe.

The environment itself is very cozy with a homey feel. Bf and I love to have a cold yet cooling environment while eating shabu shabu. It's because shabu shabu is nice to eat while it's still hot, so bf don't like to get sweaty while enjoying it. Jiro Shabu practice Japanese concept of having the conveyor belt like how a sushi restaurant does.

One good thing about this restaurant is that, they do provide lunch set for everyone. The prices itself is affordable from RM12.90 and yet they served premium food with various choices. So no more questions of saying, "Where to eat today?" Not enough? the pull in more food from the conveyor belt.

Even the Premium New Zealand Beef Shabu set also only cost at RM24.90.

More choices for you to choose coming from various parts of the beef and also for lamb lover, they do have lamb slices from NZ as well. Most of the items here are import from other country which make this restaurant special.

Not only you have varieties of food choices, they even have various soup base to suit your princess buds, like mine! :P

Sauces and sauces for your own food experiment, becareful not to create something nasty though lollll.

For our meal, I choose to go for the Tonkotsu Pork Bone Soup and Bf go for Spicy Miso Dashi. Soup base is the soul of eating shabu shabu, without it, it's not shabu shabu anymore, and of course the soup needs to have a delicate and yet concentrated taste so that when we dip the slices of meat inside, it is able to absorb the soup essence in it! Once you try, you will never stop. Only able to try both of these, will surely try their Kimchi Soup next time!

Home Farm Deluxe Pork Belly Shabu (RM34.90)

Pork Belly/Slices is like a must for me when it comes to shabu shabu!!! *Drool I'm getting hungry now by looking at it. :(  The meat here is very fresh and because it is bouncy when I lift it up with my chop stick and the colour of the meat proves it all. To double confirm it, when you chew that juicy tenderness of that meat, you are able to know how it all absorbs to your buds while melting slowly into your stomach. NOMNOM!!!

Our Australian Premium Striploin comes in set too. Super juicy and fresh as well. It is a must for beef lover. It goes super delicious when you dip it with the sauce that they provided.

This is their Jiro Signature 8 Flavour Prosperity Fish Paste (RM19.90).

FYI, this is the signature dish for Jiro Shabu. It comes with 8-flavour fish pastes which includes Cheese Parsley, Wasabi, Kimchi, Yuzu Lotus Root, Carrot Burdock, Ginger Seaweed, Chilli Garlic and Sake. Mine fav goes to SAKE!

I found that it's so interesting to taste different fish pastes at once rather than eating the same one over and over again! They do state the flavour of each fish paste on their menu, but when it comes, you probably will not remember everything, so it's quite fun to eat it like that because you will not know what goes into your mouth and here come the guessing game HAHA!

Oden (RM23.90) which refers to Japanese winter dish, whereby the food here actually fly all the way from Japan so you are able to taste it even if you are in Malaysia. What I'm going to show you after this is actually, everything is from Japan as well. You will see all the food below at their menu where food from that page is all imported from Japan. :D

US Large Scallop Meat (RM17.90). Besides getting shabu shabu, you are able to indulge sashimi from Japan. We think it's great to have that, because when you crave for both, it's there for you to order. One good thing about this is that, when you order it and let's say you don't really like it cause it's too raw for you, you can just throw it into the hot soup lolll.

Hokkaido Octopus Arm (RM10.90) This octopus arm is also delicious with it's tender meat. Reminder to eat it when the meal is served, because with the ice keeping it fresh, the flesh will get harden, so it's best to enjoy it once it's serve. Not to worry, the octopus arm will not stuck on your tongue. HAHAHA!

Hokkaido Octopus (RM15.90) Well, this is one of my favourite too, the octopus is sliced into perfect thickness where it actually tasted like abalone! Still you are able to squeeze some lemon on top of it but believe me it doesn't smell. The ice at the bottom keep it fresh as what it is.

Hokkaido Half Shelf Scallop (RM14.90). For us, this is awesome because it tasted like oyster and yet it's very thick and tender. I can have it just like that but those who prefer to have the oyster feeling when you eat it, you can squeeze that lemon on it. It doesn't feel disgusting because the smell is very light and it doesn't smell fishy. Bf and I loves to eat oyster, anyone care for some oyster buffet??

Hello!!! I can finish this myself!! Everything is mine! *HELLOFATS

Finally to end up with a glass of lemon fizzy shot drink where everyone customer will have at the end of their meal. You can still choose to slowly sip it because it's very nice!!! The drinks gives my stomach a comfortable feeling after all that food and to not make me that full. I love the drinks, if only I can buy it. :P

The shop is easily recognized with it's fishy logo and wooden exterior. It's the same row as Bone & Pot or KFC. This row itself is very good because in Taipan USJ, everyone assume parking is very hard to find, but not this row.

Jiro Shabu
Address: 7, Jalan Usj 10/1A,
USJ 10, Taipan, 47620 Selangor.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JiroShabu
Website: http://www.jiroshabu.com
Tel: 03-8020 6661

Business Hour: Mon - Sun: 12 pm - 10.30 pm


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