My Valentine's 2014 ♥.

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I know is quite far if I were to post about Valentines which is on Feb but we just got each of us a valentines present last month and I had promised to blog about it after I got it. The reason why we both get our presents late is because both of our presents cannot be purchase at Malaysia yet on that time and we both have to wait for it to reach or to be delivered! HAHA.

Bf got his earlier than mine actually and I had posted a photo on Instagram too! *If you haven't follow me on Instagram, do it now! @superbaoer 

I got him a Titanfall Collector's Edition! It's a very tough things to do when choosing a gift to bf, I mean for boys! I knew bf was aiming at this and wanted to get it so much so I decide to get one for him!

You know how big is the thing or not?! Here's a photo of the whole package comparing it with an apple.

Titanfall is actually a game that my bf wanted to play, and he did that on beta, so he was crazy for the ultimate edition, so yea, this is what the robot looks like in the game. Atlas is the name of this robot.

This beast here is a limited edition of 35K throughout the whole world with numbered certificate.

It's an Atlas figure from the game Titanfall. Yaayyy!! At first, I don't really give a f on those figures but my bf changed me I guess. Now I do love those super detail figure and I found out that they way they make those figure is impressive and precise. You just have to admire the way of they sculptured this thing and hand painted it. Most importantly, it even lights up!

Done with his part and now is my turn! What Bf got me did surprise me actually! At first we had deal that I wanted a new kicks as valentines present because both of us can't think of what to get anymore! Nah it doesn't matter if I don't get any present from him but he just wanna get me something for an exchange! So I think a new kicks should be alright as I didn't haven't got a new one for a long time already and mine now is abit old and dirty, so it's about time I guess.

But then... He got me a bag from Samantha Thavasa!!!! OMG!!!! I didn't tell him about this brand before because it's a brand from Japan and they don't have a store in Malaysia yet! But then I don't know how he get to know about it and he said their bag suits me so much HAHA!

Say hello to my new collection! HAHA! Yes, it's pink again! :P

Guess what! The pretty Girls' Generation is the endorsement models of Samantha Thavasa! We got the same bag! *excitingface HAHAHA! 

And then I had a mini photoshoot with my new bag too :P

Bf got me the smallest size which is super cute and an easy to carry one!

Sexy rose pink is always love!

Pretty?? :D

Fav photo of the day!

Alright, That's all! hehehe :3


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