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People who didn't meet me for a long time will mostly ask me the same question whenever we met up or bump into each other. Some of them even ask my close friend. But what the famous question that they are asking for? "Hey, you still with the same guy now ar?" "Seriously? How did you do that?" LOLOLOL!!!

There's alot of people who expect us to breakup in a short time since we first started dating but most of them are so surprise with what they see now! Some of them even told me that he is not that handsome or charming when we first dated but hello, who said face is the first thing when it comes to love? And I think he looks really good to me! :D

Yes, we've been together for almost 5 years! We've experience alot of things in the past few years, growing up together and create memories of only both of us. Frankly speaking, even I, myself also think this is so unbelievable! HAHAHA! This is the longest relationship I ever had and of course, still counting! ♡♡♡ FYI, We are actually in a long distanced relationship mode now since he is working in KL while I'm staying at Ipoh. We might only meet each other once a week or once in a blue moon, but this wouldn't change who we are..

There had been people who asked about me, that "what makes me feel that he is the one" or what are the things that is so attractive of him to me. I think he is the one and only guy that all my gf supports and never comment or critic him in anyway lol! I myself also kept on thinking about what are the things that he had done or anything to make our relationship better. So, guys! Maybe you can take it as some reference? HAHA!

He's really so caring one! He take care of me every single time when I was sick. He will massage my head until I fall asleep whenever I got headache and if I woke up in the midnight, I will also wake him up and he will continue to help me massage until I sleep again HAHAHA. Sounds like a bad gf right? But you know what? He understand my bad attitude, he loves me being bad! :P Oh of course, he did  take care of me too even when I'm not sick HAHAHA! He doesn't only concern about me, but my whole family too. My bro loves him more than me!!!! =___________=

He can sacrifice alot for me! Okay la, not talking about life la! But about TIME! Gaming time, sleeping time or even his meal time lolololll. He always put me at first :')  If you were a student from UTAR or TARC Kampar Campus, you probably know how far it is to ride a bike from Westlake to Tesco Kampar! Yes, he did! There's one day where I told him I'm craving for sushi but we got no car to drive at kampar that time. After an hour he called me and told me he was downstairs at my hostel. I went down and saw him holding a pack of sushi with all his sweating face! I was really really touched and almost tears, even now when I flash back to those memories! But then after we got a car, he never buy me sushi again! HAHAHAHA Kidding one ha! :P

Keeping promises also plays an important role in a relationship! But then he didn't really keep all his promises so just skip this point! HAHAHA! I know bf is gonna kill me when he read this lol. What promises that he broke, is that, for example when I ask him to do housework , ask him to download some drama or ask him to bring me back something, he promised me but he didn't do all of them. Oh how heartbroken right? Because of him I can't even watch my favourite drama! :(  HAHAHA! Every promises that he broke still can consider a small matter la but I'm not hoping for any big deal coming huh! *angry witch red face!

He understands me well? Sometimes yes, sometimes no! He used to said that he understand me better than myself =__________= He understand what kind of person I am, what food I like, which singer is my love and so on. The only thing he dont understand, until now is that he don't know when I was really angry and when its not. When I was truly in mad, I hope to stop all conversation and calm down myself alone because when one is angry, he/she will easily speak out something hurts that he/she don't really mean!  To avoid this I always wanted to shut myself down to be alone but he's the kind of person that wanted to settle things in one shot so this actually make me so frustrated! Mr. Can you read this? Can you just don't fking talk to me when I'm angry?? HAHAHA!

Oh ya! Surprises too! When the loved one prepared you some surprises, even if it's a small one or not really that surprising, at least he tried and he is willing to spend his time to bring you that delight and happiness! It really works in bringing the relationship deeper and warm!

You know what? He used to think that I'm the best and the perfect one for him! *blush! Seriously! He used to say I'm cute or I'm pretty every day BAHAHAHAHA! Not that I'm vain or what but its the truth! :P We give each other so much freedom. We won't keep on messaging or to call each other like crazy, we don't stop each other from making friends with others, hanging out with others, or stop him from doing things that he like. Such as he never stop me from buying/ shopping, I never stop him from gaming! Okay la, sometimes I did stop him for some reason HAHAHAHAHHAHA wtffff! Just as you know trust is so important and freedom too! Before he meet you, he is himself. After he met you, he is still himself. You shouldn't change his habit, attitude or anything because "that's what make you fall with him at the beginning"!

There's still alot lot lot of good things that he do for me but also ALOT of bad one la! We did argue, I guess quite often too? But all couple did that right!!! It is what LOVE should have, a balance of all feelings. And no one ask me about the bad one, so I won't discuss about that lol or are you guys interested to know bout that? HAHAHA! All of these might, or can only apply on me and not every girl and boy is the same! And you know, Love is something powerful and natural. It doesn't have any rules, formula or terms & conditions. You don't have to do things purposely but love will guide you. You will know how to treat the loved one in right way when you found them! Just appreciate them!! :D

Kinda pointless huh this post? But really, one doesn't change easily. So just stop asking me how we did this and that because we are not the same and we can't be the same. Stop comparing your relation or your gf/ bf with us. I don't mind sharing but it's just so useless to tell you thou. Just be yourself, they love who you are! :)

Not sure it's a confession in conjunction of the day 520 or it's a post to remind my bf to treat me better :P

PS:// "I'm glad that I met you and I hope you know that!" Love ya! ❤❤❤

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  1. Bumped into your blog! You looks so cute and such a wise girl!
    Anyway, true that what you have said. As a couple we do have love and commitment between. It's a two sides understanding. >.<

    Nice blog anyway! And nice to meet you:)

    1. Awww!! Thank you so much sweetie!! Nice to meet you too ♡♡

  2. what a sweet post!!! :'D more power to you both.