Casio EX-TR15.

2:45:00 AM

Gonna blog about the birthday present that I got from bf! I'm still so excited now hehehe. If you're following my instagram, you probally know what it is. If you're not, follow me now @superbaoer ! :p

FYI, Bf got me the new Casio EX-TR15 or the so called TR350. There's no difference between TR15 and TR350, they only difference is their name and they are manufactured from different country. Besides TR15, Casio also produce another Exilim range of TR series which is the TR10. The difference between TR15 and TR10 is that TR15 will be having wireless functionality but TR10 will not be having wireless.

TR15 and TR10 each comes with 3 different color. TR15 - Vivid Pink, White and Black. TR10 - White, Blue and Special Pink. Of course Bf got me the Vivid Pink one. Everything in Pink hehehe. Oh yea, they do redesign TR15 or facelift their design which is different with the previous TR150 or TR200.

I have been waiting for the new TR series for quite a long time and I was so excited when I first know that they will be launching the TR350, unfortunately it is not available in our country. But honestly, the price is slightly overprice and I just got a new camera this earlier month of the year. My Nex6 photo quality is really so damn good but girls, you know right? TR series is created for girls to selca!! I really really wanted it but I spent all my money for Taiwan Trip last 2 months LOL. Furthermore, for the price of TR15 we can actually get a very good semi or a mid range dslr so I really think of giving up on it. *of course in my deep deep heart, I WANT IT SO MUCH! 

The feeling of getting it is getting much stronger after I saw my friend attended the launching event but still no $$$ LOL. I get to know that on the 6 of July, which is last Saturday, Fotokem will be selling them and they will only a limited of 100 units. Since I didn't plan to get it, as usual I sleep like a pig until noon and when I woke up, I saw quite a number of people posted about the TR15 are all sold out. It happened 2 hours ago before I woke up HAHAHA. I whatsapp bf and told him about it and he replied me with this:" WTF? So fast I tot going to Midvalley later, to take a look." So I was like didn't want to buy also, why you want go and have a look then? =___________=

And at the same time, he send me this.

Because the day before TR15 was official lauch for walk in purchase at Fotokem, he told me he will go for hiking with his colleague, "so as soon as he reach the peak" he send me this picture. *as if he reach

And later, he tag me with a blurry photo in Instagram, which is this.

I think no one can see what is that HAHAHA. But I can actually see his controller. Bf is a hardcore gamer, so I guess his new game arrived that time LOL.

He even try to FaceTime me late evening to show me some teaser, according to his story but I'm busy at the moment, so he went to sleep and didn't wake up until the next morning *clapforhim HAHA =))

I found he tag me with another photo again at the next day morning.

I was like WTF is this!! I even try to comfort myself by saying thats just a box, Bf is trying to troll me!!!

Until he Facetime me again and show it to me.... I'M LIKE TEARS WAS ABOUT TO FLOW OUT!
Why its just 'about' but it didn't really flow out? It's because my bf always gave me surprise, which include trolling, I'm used to it already, you guys don't so jelly me okay? *Previously he tried to show me things I like but it's just a picture, and I thought he really bought it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nah, I was just joking! Its because I'm just too excited and laugh like a idiot! Somemore it wont reach my hand until this wednesday which was yesterday.

He know I love this cam so he went to queue and get it for me. *wah when I'm typing this, my tears really drop!  You know what? He went there alone to queue, so you can imagine that he can't actually go to toilet that time HAHAHA. He told me there's alot of girls went to get it that day, also alot of guys who accompany their girls but he is alone! :(

He is suppose to go hiking with his colleague but he didn't join them because he wanna get this baby for me! It's the second time, he ffk his colleagues for me! The first time is because he need fetch me to an event and they also plan to go hiking LOL. So now, everyone calling him as FFKing and its because of me!! Sorry baby!!! I know he really wish to go hiking so so much :(  but I think he wish to see me smile more than hiking :p

Everyone is saying my bf is really so so good, I know about it and thats why I love him so much too! Nah, don't get me wrong! It doesn't mean if he didn't get me this camera then I don't love him okay?  :S

Okay la, it's enough of our sweet stories HAHA. Bf came find me at Ipoh yesterday and now she is on my hand hehehe! Time for my new sexay babe and I named her as "PINKU PINKU".  :))

 Ready? :D

 Casio Exilim.

Pinku is on her bed!! *scream!!!

The color is really so sweet and it's my colour lol!

Pretty or not?? hehe

 Or maybe you wanna get closer? :p

The screen resolution for TR15 would be 920k dots so it can reproduces clear, finely and detailed images. TR15 is using the EXILIM Engine HS, Ver.3.

5 lenses in 5 groups, including aspherical lens ; F2,8 ;21mm equivalent to 35mm film.

 This is how Pinku 'stand' out from the rest lol

 Sexy back!

 TR15 is using the Micro SD memory card and the battery is interchangeable!

 Yoga skill? :P

3.0 inch wide TFT color LCD is love!!

The Rec Mode! Ofcouse I love the Make up mode the most LOL. Beside the natural mode, TR15 now comes with the new Brightening Mode! The outcome of the picture depends on situation as well, 2 of the mode also look good! The Brightening Mode is more blue-nish and the Natural mode is more to yellowish, Maybe? LOL

The build-in Wireless Lan function enable the user to use our smartphone to control the camera and also check back the images that you shoot! My Nex6 have the same function too! :D

Not forget to mention the new 10 types of Art Shot and also the Decoration Function! Haven't try it out yet! Will do a review soon perhaps. Their UI is also user friendly and the touch screen sensitivity is also very good, not frustrating into using it or to poke it.

The thickness of TR15 is just slightly thinker than my iPhone 5!

Say Hi to Pinku! :p I'm the happy girl!!

Show you guys some of the photo that we took today! All without edit one! I took around 200 photos today HAHAHA

Me and Bf ♡

 Ahhh! He is so cute! Missing him! :(


 He look like a child beside me! WHY :(

Hugss!!! My fav photo of the day! ♡♡♡

Bf random selca! :p

And now is my turn!

Fav selca of myself :p

Thats enough for today! LOL

I really love Pinku so much but one thing that I'm not satisfied with is that the casing that they provide. It's not really a fully covered pouch and the design/color does not match with PINKU! So worried Pinku will have scratches one day :(

So do you guys love me Pinku? :) And be prepare to be boom by my selca photossss in the future posts! :))


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  1. Hey babe!
    This was such a cute blog post! I'm just thinking about getting or not getting this camera...
    What's the video recording like? Does it help make your skin look clearer and make my face look slimmer?
    Let me know your opinion babe, I kind of want a new vlogging camera ;)


    1. Overall, I would think the camera is good for selfie photo's and mobility is great. With all the added texture, picture quality is generally good with nice colours.

      ISO performance is not very good, especially in low light situation with loss of details and sharpness.
      When recording videos in full high-definition, the results are slightly grainy but ambient noise and wind audio are better managed than in many compact cameras.

      For vlogging it is not that recommend because this camera is much more a self-potraits camera. ♡

  2. Hi BaoEr,

    Would like to ask if u noticed that the colors displayed on playback are different from what received via wifi on phone?

    1. Yea. It's because the resolution of the camera and phone are not the same :)

  3. Hi. Does it have language options? Can change to chinese?