Circus @ Pavilion.

12:14:00 AM

Food post for today, I know I should blog this earlier but my internet quota exceeded again making me hard to access through the internet, its not my fault, but yeah, bought data just for blogging :p 

So, we girls went to Circus to have lunch after the Kate Makeup Workshop. Anyway, it was my second time to Circus, the first time was Circus full of animals and performance, but now is Circus full of delicious food. :D

My face!

 And also my face HAHAHA =))

Okay la, enough of my face, give some chances to the environment's photo LOL

Believe what you see, not what you hear.

They also serve buffet but we didn't go for the buffet as we ate a lil at the event earlier. Maybe we shall try it next time? :)

I love the environment so much. It look modern yet casual lolll. A good place for girls to have girl's chat huh?

See, Jessica can always spot the cam one loll

Cutie pie ♥

Time for the foooooddd!

Buns and bread sticks. I only tried the long bread sticks. It's quite hard to chew!

Salad ordered by Povy.

Seafood Linguini Aglio Olio. Aww This is so yum yum!

And we also shared this Pizza al Pollo together. It tasted not bad but we can't finish it LOL.
Overall their food is quite delicious with great environment and deserve for a second time.

Oh ya, I forget to take the photo of the menu but you can always check it out at their website! :D

It's a short one today, but I'm slowly catching up. LOL

Lot C3.10.01b, Level 3,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : (+603) 21416151
Website :
Facebook : Circus

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