Announcement: Exfo's samples Giveaway Winner is OUT!!!

2:45:00 AM

Hello, today i'm here to announce the lucky participants who can get the Exfo's samples in the previous giveaways.

It was out of my expectation. I thought no one will join the giveaway but the feedback is good! Thanks for the support guys, and also because of you guys I asked for more samples from Exfo, so that I can give out to more winners. But I only manage to get 10 more samples from them so I will choose 5 more lucky participants and each of you can get 2 samples! This is all I can do! ♡♡♡

I use list randomizer to choose the winners randomly! So the top 5 participants will get 4 samples each while winner from no.6 to no.10 will get 2 samples each. 

So, are you ready for the result?

Tadaa! I will send you guys an email, please reply me ASAP. If the winner does not reply my email within 5 days, I will give the samples to the next participant in the list above.

For those who did not win , So Sorry for that :(  and stay tuned to my blog as I promise to have more giveaways for you guys!!!! Thanks for joining thou! ♡♡♡

Tips for you guys, you guys can still click this link HERE to redeem free sample but I'm not sure whether there's any limit to the amount of samples or not, so be fast!!! :D


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