Jogoya Buffet Restaurant @ Starhill Gallery.

4:19:00 AM

Went to Jogoya to have my dinner with bf and friends. I'm so guilty after coming back because I eat too much recently and I keep gaining weight! Everyday said wanna diet but everyday eat double portion of food! Damn! You can really called me fatty now :(  My sis will be very happy now because I used to call her fatty but now I'm fatter than her. tsk tsk. 

 Today's OOTD.  I got the white top from Hamiiwuu Fashionable Store .

I love the top so so much because the design at the collar is so cute. It's like you're wearing a fake collar or a collar necklace, just that it is attached with the cloth! Bf said I look like a nurse in this top. Cosplay huh? :p

Ofcourse, I need to selca for awhile before going out HAHAHA. You can skip it if you don't want to see :p

Not sure if you guys realize that I had trimmed my hair and now it is much more shorter compare to the previous one.  All damage hair gone! :D

 Okay, enough of my face HAHAHA

So, the reason why we went Jogoya is because....

The promotion! They are having Gentlemen Promotion and Friday Promotion at the moment but we're not VIP member so we only go for the Gentlemen Promotion. RM10+ per pax but every man must come with full paying adult lady so me and bf one pair :)  We pay around RM113 for both of us. This promotion is only available on Mon to Thurs and it's available for all meal period! :D

Didn't took much photo because we were too busy grabbing all those fooooooods, just like a battle lolll. Bf and I didn't take any meal for the whole day just for that buffet, so that time we can actually eat a whole cow or elephant. LOL. Not really eat cow or elephant la, I just mean that we can eat alottttttttt

Hello my fav Oyster!! Actually what attracted me to pay hundred ringgit to have buffet is the Oyster. If the restaurant do not serve Oyster I might not go there for buffet dinner or lunch lollll.

I think what I had eat the most is abalone because they serve many kind of abalone. Abalone soup, Abalone fried rice, fried abalone and blah blah blah. Kinda sad that I didn't get to any drink shark fin soup today *even fake shark fin soup*. When I found where they place the pot, the whole pot was empty and they didn't refill anymore. :(

Lovely watermelon! When it comes to fruit, watermelon is always my second love! Of course first place goes to strawberries!! *claps 

Overall I think the food there is getting better because the last time I went, their food is not really good especially the cake! But this time the cake actually impressed me!!!!! Their Japanese Cheese Cake and the America Chocolate Cake taste so good!

The Japanese Cheese Cake is so soft and it just melt in my mouth! Eventhough I don't like cheese but this is really good!!! Bout the America Chocolate Cake, it's rich with chocolate. Not too sweet but moderate!!! I want it now!!!!!

For more info,
Facebook Page - Jogoya Buffet Restaurant, Starhill Gallery
Website -

T3, Relish floor, Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +603-2142 1268    Fax: +603-2148 8171

Till then. 

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