Island Trip Day 2 & 3.

6:27:00 PM

Time for day 2. Incase you missed the day 1 post :p Read here!

Dated my sis to go shopping on the second day. I promise her I will reach her place around 12pm but ended up I reached there around 1! LOL.  Because I wake up late and yet I wanted selca before I went to fetch her :p

Fetch sis and we went to Prangin Mall to shop and have our brunch :)

Show this to bf because he took alot of ugly pic of me! HAHAHA. :p

B's Coordinate ♥♥♥

Shop for the whole day and I only bought myself 1 top =________= Somemore in the process of choosing some dress, I got molested by some unknown aunty! While I was shopping alone in a random shop, suddenly someone hold my waist and said: "Your skirt look so nice! Where you got it from? " I was so shocked and I only answer her after a minute LOL. But then she didn't leave her hand off, she even trying to pull my skirt and see whether it's stretchable or not. Yiiiii! Make me feel so unwell and uncomfortable! Somemore everyone in the shop were looking at us. I faster ran out to find bf and sis after that. I tell them the story and they just laugh like shit! :(

Went back to fetch my aunt and join my friend to have some nice din din after that :) At first we wanted to try the famous tomyam in Penang, but then when we reach there, the whole place was packed!! Based on those amount of people that we've seen, we estimated that we need to wait for 1.5 hours for a bowl of tomyam! GOSH! So... we went other places to have our din din because we were really so hungry that time!  Went back to the place that I blogged before to have cheap and nice seafood again! :D

All these delicious seafood only costs us around RM125. Actually there's still one more dish of food that we forgot to capture, but it is too late when we realised it. The only thing left is the plate.  HAHA

Friend brought us to flea market to take a look.

So pretty!!! My first time been there!!

There is a special place in the park. My friend said it's a special for boy or so called boyfriend because while their gf is busy shopping, they can sit there here and wait for them while watching the movie being shown LOL.

Done with Day 2 then! :p

Okay, Day 3! The last day :(

Wake up early that day because we need to check out before 10am. Hate it! Why so early one!!! Grrhhhh...

Me and baby sis! I don't why she always bring vitagen with her one! =___=

Fetch sis back to her hostel and waited her to pack her things into the car.
So, I selca in car again LOL

And then we went to aunt's house to fetch her and we went Gurney together! We had BBQ plaza as our brunch! It was sis and aunt first time trying it :) We went back to Queensbay Mall again after brunch LOL. To shop awhile before going back to Ipoh. That day was kinda rush because I need to reach home before dinner HAHA. It's like running while shopping :p

Didn't get anything that day and just..... back home! HAHAHA.

Lastly, B's coordinate of the day.


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