Topshop Personal Shopper X Chuckei.

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Wanna blog about the event that I attended last month before I blog another Penang Trip post again HAHAHA. 

So Bf and I went to KL 2 days before the event. I was craving for Lot 10 Wantan Mee so much that I had to nag him to bring me there to eat their superlicious wantan mee :p


I'm damn happy when the whole plate came infront of me but I don't know why the taste was abit different with what I had previously! It just can't satisfied me. It tasted really good last time! :(  So disappointed!!

Super Simple Outfit that day because I just went there for the Wantan Mee LOL.

Can you see that I actually got eye contact with the girl right behind me? So awkward! HAHAHA

Alright, the event that I attended was the Topshop Personal Shopper X Chuckei at Topshop, Midvalley Megamall. :D Yea, Chuckei! I think many of you readers are fans of her right :p

The event started at 10 or 11am. I don't really remember already. *bad thing about delayed post hmm
But then I remember I woke up so early to prepare that day! Because I need to rush to bf's relative wedding dinner after the event! Not a wedding dinner actually because it happen at 1pm, so it's a noon wedding. I had no idea why will it be at noon =_________=

Selca in car again :p

Don't know whether you guys know about Personal Shopping or not :) Personal Shopping service is actually, there will be someone there to help you by giving advice and making suggestions on the apperal that their company is offering. Example if you wanted a party style, they will help you mix & match, based on what you want by suggesting the most suitable item to you! Btw, it's free!!! :D


Quite alot of people attending this event. Mostly are girls because it's a topshop event, topman was not included. But I drag Bf and his bro along! LOL.

I just can't stop shopping! HAHA

This picture took by bf's bro. I was probably telling bf that I wanted to buy that top and he was trying to stop me!

So, I gave up and you can look how down I am. HAHAHAHA. Oh yea, they gave us some free gift and a 20% discount voucher that day, which is the one that BF is holding LOL.

They also prepare some food for us but I din get to eat them. I just got a strawberry :( But the strawberry is so huge and it tasted so good!!!!!!!!

Spot her??? :)

Chuckei is soooo tall and pretty! Give me her leg! HAHAHA

I din stay until the end of the event, as I mention just now I need to rush back, Bf's family is waiting for me :(  Nevermind! During that event, I still got myself a studded clutch hehehe :p

Lastly, B's #OOTD ♥♥♥


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