4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012

7:27:00 PM

The 4th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was held at Putrajaya on 15-18 March this year. My first time attending this event :p

We went there at the evening because we can't wakeup early in the morning and it is super hot at the afternoon! And also because of the Night Glow Show and Fireworks. :D

It was super jam that day and it was so hard to get a parking! Grrrhhh~

I like the environment of Putrajaya. It looks so peace except the stupid jam!

While walking to the Fiesta Ground, we can see some hot air balloon flying over us. It make me more excited! lol

Love Story 2012! haha

Getting more and more near to the Fiesta Ground, you can see the super big crowd already!


Getting more and more nearer, I'm more and more disappointed. #wtf This is totally different from what I expected! ~X(  The design of the hot air balloon is not attractive, its just a normal hot air balloon. Only a few of them looks good. We took a lot of photos of the hot air balloon but each and every balloon of them looks kinda same. so I only upload some of them here.  :-<

There's a lot of activities held on that day but when you see the crowd! I also don't feel like wanna joining already. So we just went to the bridge nearby the fiesta ground to find a nice place to see the Night Glow Show and Fireworks which starts at 9pm. *we went to the bridge around 7.15 pm lol.

The bridge is already packed! They are earlier than us!

Finally we found a nice place! They all look so professional, brought their tripod some more. :-o

The view from the bridge is super awesome!!

Bf and his bro bought us KFC as our dinner while we waited for the show. We simply just sat on the floor and take our dinner lol.

Around 8.15pm they starting to set up the hot air balloons for the show.

I like this hot air balloon the most! Is a cake!

 More and more hot air balloonssss...

Around 9pm the Night Glow Show started. We can only heard some music and the hot air balloons glowing by following the tempo of the song lol.

And suddenly... POPpppppsss!

The fireworks!!!

The fireworks show is around 5 minutes or more than that. Sound so crazy right? Waited around 2 hours for the 5minutes 's fireworks show lol. Bf captured a lot of nice photos! I do also recorded a video of the fireworks but i'm lazy to upload :p

After the show we walked back to our car. It is quite far actually but its ok because the jam started after the show and when we reached there, no more jam. Only roti kaya. haha :))

Although the show finished, the fiesta ground is still on and was still so crowded!

Spot the car which park in the middle of the road?!

The scary jam!!

We didn't stuck in this jam but on our way back home, there was a accident and we stuck in that jam for around one hour!!

I don't think I will join the next fiesta again.  8-|

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