Instagram is now available for Android!

12:44:00 AM

Oh yes, Instagram is finally available for Android! Android user can download it now :D There's a lot of friend around me are using Android devices and they are always jealous of me because I can use Instagram as it is only available for IOS devices previously! After waited for like a whole century, finally Android user can now download it already!

What you need to do is just download it and sign up for an account!

This is how your profile look like.  Press the Camera Symbol to capture photo.

And then you can filter it with different effect and upload it. You can also share it to Facebook or Twitter.

In the News Centre, the 'You' is the notifications or activities on your own photo. Such as who likes your photo, who drop comment on your photo or who started following you...

For the 'Following' part,it is the action or activities of the person that you are following.

To see the popular photos, press in the Popular pages. Get alot of  likes in a period of short time and your photo will get into Popular Page :D

FYI, you can also view or login your Instagram account via web through !

Finally, Follow this girl here in Instagram!

Yea! Is me! HAHA :p I'm quite an active user of Instagram. Almost update everyday :) So follow me there peeps. Username: SuperBaoer .  

See you there :D

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