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Just watched RIO with my man ,  my sis and also a new friend last Sat. A very touch movie,  maybe for me only la. HAHA. and also funny! The main character don't know to fly, i mean Blu. but he is super smart! he knows how to read physic and biological book. *smarter than me*

  Here are those character from the movie.
The main characters - Blu and Jewel 
Jewel's eyelashes is super long. Using natural mascara I guess. LOL

Blu's owner - Linda
So sad when Blu got catch by those smuggler.
Linda looks kinda familiar to me, wonder which movie did i saw her, anyone??

The bulldog - Luiz so cute!
His saliva keep dropping. HAHA 
but his saliva helps Blu and Jewel free from their chain. xD 

This stupid parrot - Nigel. I wanna slap him when i see him bully Blu!
and the monkey,they really know how to sms. "Ooo Ooo Aaa Aaa". HAHA

The left hand side one -Pedro. He is a rapping Red-crested Cardinal. FYI, the actor is Will.I.Am from B.E.P!
The right hand side one - Nico. He is a Yellow Canary with a green and purple striped bottle cap as a cute!

These birds? They are Toco Toucan. The black one call Rafael.
Their mouth got a love shape!

There is no any angry bird inside this movie.
They only appear in game where those angry birds tried to save Rio's bird.
Angry Birds Rio.

I had tried it with my new toy! Still waiting for the next update!!
Yea. The iPad! 

Show you guys something.
This is the angry bird i drew on a nail xD
I know it look sucks. HAHA.
I also drew all those characters on my man's toe!! HAHA
but i forget to take pics. ><
Anyone want it?  HAHA =P

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