Jay Chou The Era 2011 World Tour Concert Live in Malaysia.。

9:31:00 PM

I'm back! LOL. I went Jay Chou Concert last month which held at Putra Indoor Stadium with my dear and his bro and his girlfriend. Yea, its indoor and with air cond! but still sweat because Jay Chou is so HOT!

Early in the morning, after we ate breakfast, we went to Fahrenheit 88 to buy Naruto X Uniqlo T-shirt. Not "we" la actually, only my dear and his bro buying. and I shop alone. Guess what? They bought nearly rm600! Only Naruto Tee and few design are same. wth

I look soo pale without eyeliner and also mascara. *cry* Around 6.30pm we heading to Stadium and reached there around 7pm.

Alot peoples there! Anyone inside this picture? HAHAHA. Our first place to go is toilet. LOL. I don't wish to go to the toilet when the concert starts! and guess what? There is alot of people lining up.because there are only 6 to 7 toiletsss. Im like OMFG!! I don't want to miss the opening!

Scary right? Can you see where am i? LOL. I changed cloth already :p Everyone is complaining while waiting : why many people one? why only a few toilet? many people and the stadium is so big but only have a few toiet? why pee also take so long? LOL. I waited for so long that day.

The stage. 

I'm acting Minnie.HAHAHA.

Can you feel the HEAT?!

The opening is 4d! really cool!! Can you see the costume that Jay is wearing? It makes him GLOW!!

There were alot of special guest who came to Jay's Concert.

Cindy - She is so pro in playing piano and her voice is really nice!! She can sing so well!

Gary - I don't know about him lol

Lara - She is quite sexy that day and she is sooo sweet.

and 浪花兄弟 - their song is just so nice. I do follow them and sing. I know I know... HAHAHA.

Okay.Come back to Jay Chou. His performance that day is outstanding. Although some part of his song ran out of pitch due to his Friday's concert, he did try his hard and tell us about his sore throat. Overall the concert is still so high and perfect. We can feel JAY's POWER! Pixel time.

His dance was cute!!

I wanna kill the girl already for being so close to him.  arrhhhgg~

Charming! I want the rose :'(

He kill me softly 

The 3D Projection,latest techno - alot of Jay Chou! I want it!!

The Biggest JAY!

In love with him!

How can u do not love him?!

MJ? lol

SHOUT for him!

I got alot of pics but I am lazy to resize. HAHAHA. I have alot videos too. but I SLAC *shout like crazy*. so I will not upload. lol Btw , you can watch those video HERE. Jay Chou promise that he will come to Malaysia again in this month or next month for a shooting. J fans super excited right?! I DO! and i shout sooo loud when i heard that!

I really enjoy the concert and super happy that day. Thanks to my dear who bought me the ticket and bring me go. Next time is Taipei right? teehee. This concert  really impressed me. Especially the 4d effect ,  the last song - 双截棍 and the speech of Jay while playing 超人不会飞. I almost wanna cry already! but my dear was out of the pictures because he don't know mandarin. HAHA. I wanna go for his next concert also!

And ya, we found 6 tickets on the floor that day and its brand new. we guess its someone who bought 2 days concert's ticket. but dropped it on Friday coz they keep jumping till the end of concert?  lol  if I'm the one, I will suicide!!! HAHAHA.

他不会那么容易倒 因为他是周杰伦!


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  1. haha, i like this post...becoz of jay chou!!!!

  2. cheh.must like bcoz i blog bout it!haha XD

  3. sorry, jay chou is under my collections...

    u got your David BOY...haha~

  4. nope....sucks!!!!

    coz i cant get a ticket T.T