♚Genting - Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant.。

2:33:00 AM

my boy bring me to Genting last 2 week.
due to some reason,he cant acc me on xmas day.
so he bring me to Genting for pre-xmas LOL
and yea. i vomit again ><
super cold lo that day..

#1 my boy =)

#2 he was so excited wearing the lens.
so he keep camwhore-ing *CSL*

#3 yea.leopard skin always my choice =)
giraffe and zebra skin my second choice.LOL

we ate lunch at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant.

hmm.. i think that the service there is just soso.
they dont really know how to SMILE a customer.
when i asked them for the info before we go in,
the waitress is like : no $ dont eat. dont ask so much ><
im like WTF. i wan eat how mani set also can!
and then me n my dear went in.haha
but the food is there quite nice la.

one more thing i wan to complain.
when we went in,they gave us a hot handkerchief and menu.
i simply wipe and put it on my leg,
then i open the menu and thinking what to order.
suddenly someone came and take away the handkerchief.
F it. her action scared me and does she know what is "MANNERS" ?
cant she ask me before take it? grrhhh
and she even took my dear's handkerchief before he even touch it
and we even waited for so long that day!

stop complain.
and praise something.haha
but idk what to praise beside the food. LOL
yea. i know ad.
the waiter keep help us refill the tea,
although the cup is still quite full.hahahah
good service right? haha

okay.enough >< haha
we only ordered one set that day,
coz middle of the journey heading to genting, the driver ad bring us to eat.
we still full like hell.
but my boy want to try it =)

Pix time 

#6 i like this!

#7 taadaa~ ABALONE!

#8 i look so happy in this pix.haha

#9 fish! i like it too!

#10 not bad too. but i din touch much. im full like hell.

#11 dessert =)

if I'm not mistaken,the whole set is rm118+.
overall the food is nice la =)

oh yaaa.
we even went for 4D movie too. teehee
our first time.
#12 ignore my hair pls. haha

#13 we wacthed TURTLE VISION.

not as good as i had expected. haha
the little boy sat bside me,keep tell his mum he dont wan watch and wana back home.haha
i feel faint after watching it. @.@
i wana watch Haunted House next time!!!

we din stay over night.
because we are having BBQ that night.
next trip... shhh... *evil laugh

oh ya. Happy 2011 guys! 

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